Sending out a BIG Thank You to Barbara F of Barnmice for sending my 14 yr old son Tyler and I off to Cavalia Odysseo with the winning tickets!  We just wanted to share our experience and tell you if you are thinking of going we highly recommend you change out of barn clothes (or not lol..) and head on down there!


I have to say I was most excited to have won the tickets as I really don't get out much what with work, horses and a teenager to chauffer around..I'm sure some of you can perhaps relate WOOHOO!!!  It was more me who said woohoo than Tyler..he is not a woohoo type but at the end he said WOW;) 


So Ty and I waited patiently til the big day, changed from breeches into civilian attire and headed down to Toronto!  He says to me confidently "I bet Garth can do anything these horses do!"  Garth is Pony King of the Paddock (at least in his mind)  First off there is parking right there on the grounds and even if you haven't been down to Toronto for awhile its easy to get to and you really can't miss that big white tent.  Everything is so well run, we drove in and parked and were inside with 10 minutes.  Ty and I grabbed a couple hotdogs and drinks (hes 14 and eats constantly-more than the horses) and were ushered into our super fabulous seats!!  The tent itself is quite something as it is completely obstruction free inside.  All the poles, supports, etc. are on the outside.  I still haven't quite figured out how they made the stage-its rounded and has a large hill at the back and the backdrop constantly changes and it is simply amazing how everything changes from a sandy desert scene, to ice, to water...just wow!!


So as we sit, the music starts and we realized halfway thru that if you look up to your left and right there is an orchestra playing..we should have bought the CD.  If you go buy the CD!  And it I don't want to give it all away for those who haven't seen it but the show from the moment it starts is simply entrancing!!  Horses galloping with and without riders knowing what to do, jumping over poles held by men in costumes that brought you to a different world and time!  Girls who were one with their horses in stunningly gorgeous costumes came riding in STANDING on TWO horses, one foot on was like a fairytale from an ancient time!  Tyler said I must mention the guys on the springy things attached to their feet who sprung around the stage, mixed with horses and riders and jumped jumps as well!  Not sure what they were but wow could you turnout horses quickly with those I said to Ty afterward!  The gymnastics we witnessed of riders and non-riders were those of true athletes..what a talented group of people and horses!  In fact when they announced the intermission after the first hour of the show Ty and I were felt like only 15 minutes had gone by..thats how caught up you get in this show!


Naturally I headed straight over to the gift shop before Tyler could spend all our money on more food and we bought a program, I got a hat  and Ty got a bookmark.  Should have gotten a poster too.  Get the poster.  Ty kinda kept me in check there..said why get a poster we get to see the horses live?!  Smart kid...ulterior motive..more hotdogs..and for those of you like me who drink a coffee and have to to the powder room shortly lineups;)


Back for the second half of the show we sit happily down, having not had such a great experience in a long time and return to the world of Odysseo!  Now for me if I had to narrow it down to what I liked the best I'd have to say the Carousel dropping from the sky with the amazingly talented singer and performers was superb!  AND..dont read this if you're going...secondly, the water rushing in and creating the lake scene was totally unexpected and how on earth did they do that?  Ty and I couldnt believe it was real water!!  SOOOO beautiful..all those horses galloping do the loose horses know where to go and what to do?? At one point with what seemed like 30 horses at liberty galloping to the music I had a visual of 13.1hh Garth let loose in there with his pony glare creating chaos and disrupting the harmony in general..told Ty I didn't think Garth would quite fit in lol...


So hopefully I haven't given too much away but know that this show was truly amazing..SO worth seeing...just an absolutely wonderful time!:)  I have to say one of the things I noticed was how happy the horses looked..its a credit to their trainers, riders and caregivers as all seemed so content and looked like they enjoyed their jobs.  There truly is an unique connection between the horses and their riders. 


After the show we were taken over to the barn where there were 2 performers from the show signing autographs and answering questions and we were allowed to wander the barn at our leisure and meet the horses.  Ty and I walked around and noted all the different breeds..Lusitanos, Arabs, Canadians, Spanish Purebreds, Quarter Horses, Paints, Appaloosas, Ardennais...incredible! AND many seemed to be born in 2005 and were so young to be so talented..and all these stallions working in such harmony!  Now naturally I had to know how they got their tails so thick and long and was lucky enough to meet Andre the Stablemaster.  Andre is a wonderful gentlemen (look for a tall thin bald man wandering around the stable area) and was happy to answer my question.  And the answer is...Mane & Tale products and good everyday care!  So there you go horsepeople we too can attain those tails!


All in all just a WONDERFUL day!  So go, be happy and let me know what you thought! 

Thank You Barnmice!!!

Shelley and Tyler:)



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Comment by Mandy on May 31, 2012 at 11:32am

Wasn't it just amazing? I have long admired the Cavaila show and wanted to see it since I was 12. My boyfriend surprised me with front row tickets, although there truly isn't a bad seat in the house. It was such an amazing experience. It's fantastic for us "horse people" but everyone will love this show.

I loved how the horses still acted like horses; one kept rolling despite the trainer asking it to stand, one went to visit some other horses in the ring. I've always admired how the Cavaila performances don't have "trick ponies" that work off a set routine; instead they are constantly communicating with the horses. It's like watching the most fluent conversation. Absolutely Amazing.

I wish I could go again and again!

Comment by B. G. Hearns on May 29, 2012 at 6:29pm

Yeah, that show is truly awewome. I think my favorite parts were the 4x4 at liberty dance and the 'frozen white winter' acrobatics. But the whole show was just stunning. Could you picture dressage competitoins, if we had to wear costumes like those?

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