Choosing the right set of horse riding boots

Horse riding is a fun-filled exercise. You get to experience adventure while embracing mother nature in its pristine form. One can spend an entire day in the English countryside while enjoying and admiring some breathtaking natural beauty.

Horse-riding comes with its own set of precautions. In order to keep injuries and wounds at bay, you need to have the right set of horse riding equipment at your disposal. You certainly can’t go horse riding with a pair of crocs in your feet.Also, boots made of rubber don’t provide adequate protection to your feet, heels, and toes.

Here are a few things you should have before going horse riding

  • Helmet

It goes without saying that a helmet is required if you wish to keep your head protected. There’s nothing worse than taking a fall and getting your head injured.

  • Pants

You need a pair of sturdy pants to protect your legs. Also, the pant shouldn’t be too tight as a tight pant restricts leg movements.

  • Body harness

You got to have adequate gear to protect your body. Don’t take anything for granted. It might backfire. Gloves are required as well. They will help you maintain sufficient grip on the reins.

Now come the boots...

What Not to Wear for Riding

Riding boots come in a wide variety of styles. Ideally, a riding boot should have a heel that’s about 2.5 cms high. The tread should also be about 2.5 cms high.  This will help prevent slipping through the stirrup. Don’t go for too heavy boots as they may hamper your feet movement. You can go for country boots if you want to.

Also, don’t go for boots made of vinyl. Boots made of vinyl are inexpensive, but are not durable.

Here are a few different types of boots you can choose.

  • Western-style boot

These types of boots have high heels and come with crepe soles. A major advantage of having these kind of soles is that they usually do not make their way out of the stirrup. Then, there are ankle-high boots as well. To top it all, all of these boots would provide you with ample protection and stability.

  • English Boot Styles

Traditionally, English boots are long and black. These are the good old hunting boots that British hunters used to wear. Such boots are still quite popular in and around the English countryside. These would go well with any kind of British discipline. There are riders who prefer tall black boots because of the comprehensive protection they provide. Also, you can choose to wear field boots as well. These come with a laced-up instep. The lace enables you to wear and unwear the boot with ease. One thing that needs to be noted here is that if you are planning to go for leather boots, then you will have to take good care of them.

  • Running shoe styles

Running-style shoes give a casual look. Also, these are comfortable as well as sturdy enough to go the distance. Such type of boots don’t require the kind of protection that leather boots require. They are as comfortable and sturdy as your regular pair of running/jogging shoes. You can also find extra support for your ankle in some of the boots.  

  • Some words of wisdom

Okay, so that is pretty much about it. Always remember that  the budget would have a key role to play in the kind of boots you’d be choosing. Don’t go for the most expensive option. Always go for a pair that has been built to last. Think of boots as a long-term investment. Don’t go for the cheapest pair of boots just for the sake of saving a few bucks.            

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