De-Spook YOU ~The Missing Piece of the Horse Riders Confidence Puzzle

If you aren’t getting the full experience with your horse that you would like to have because of confidence, please read on!


We work hard to help our horses become “bomb proof” and confident, well now it’s time to De-Spook You™.


My clients, who are Olympic hopefuls, backyard riders and everything in between, have shared with me the thousands of dollars they’ve spent on training gear, clinics, lessons, books, DVD’s, CD’s etc all to help their HORSES overcome fear and become more confident.  Then there’s the time that they’ve spent; days and weeks going to clinics and lessons only to come home and not be able to practice what they learned because they’re out of the “safe” clinic or lesson environment.  Frustrating!  And then there’s the mental and emotional “junk” that we carry around with us; the thoughts, beliefs and especially the subconscious gremlins that keep you from having the ride of your life.


How much have you spent on helping yourself become more confident!?!  More often than not, the missing piece of the puzzle is you, not your horse!


Your trainer (if you’ve chosen the right one for you) can help you with your horsemanship, but they typically don’t have the want or expertise to help you with your confidence beyond the riding lesson. 


From Diane in Europe

“I am an accomplished equestrian, riding every day with a premier riding instructor.  However there has always been a challenge with my confidence even though it’s ever so small, which has kept me from reaching my true potential and my horse reaching his.  Within the first 3 weeks of “Squash Fear Gain Confidence”, I was amazed at the small things that made such a BIG difference!  As we progressed through the 12 weeks, I continued to progress with my horse so much so that we were able to accomplish flying lead changes, the start of a piaffe and feeling great cantering outside in the open!  I am so happy that I was introduced to Anke and the coaching that she provides, and I know if my horse could write part of this he’d be saying thanks too!!”


This year, make it YOUR year.  Schedule a complimentary coaching demo phone call to see if coaching with me is the right fit for you and your confidence.  If you have a horse and want more confidence so that you can have that ride of your dreams, the one you imagined when you first got into horses, you owe it to yourself to “kick the tires” with a coaching demo call.


You’ll be amazed at how much more those clinics, lessons, books, DVD’s pay off when YOU have the confidence and leadership that you need to be the partner your horse wishes you would become in your relationship with your horse.


Group coaching classes starting the week of Feb 28th, and there are only 5 spots available, so don’t delay in getting your free coaching call demo.  Call 608-467-0008 to schedule your no cost call, or on the web .  It’s time to de-spook you by taking Squash Fear and Gain Confidence!


Visit us on the web at

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