So, two months ago I found a letter in my locker, giving me 30 days notice to find a new spot for my darling Maggie Mae. No reason given. Anyway, after my trainer and got over the shock, I set about finding new accomodations. I know a number of folks were freaked out on my behalf, but I have contingencies at any given time, there are at least two places I could arrive at in the middle of the night with a horse, no questions asked. I set about finding a place. I actually made a call to a friend, who is the barn manager at a place where I also know the trainer. And that's where we've ended up. It's a jumper place, doesn't bother me, might even jump Maggie a bit. The things I know for absolute certainty are that Maggie will be well cared for, and that there will be no political/cliquey crap going on...

We've been there for a month now. Maggie's never been so happy, and I feel guilty that I didn't know that she wasn't totally happy at the old place. I know I'm way more relaxed, the folks are so nice, and about half of them I know anyway, after riding over fences for so long. I LOVE the outdoor arena. Maggie loves the big paddock she can roll in every day and stretch her legs in. The staff love her, she's a very good girl on the ground. We've set up lesson times, so I didn't lose my trainer. Even SHE noticed a difference in awesome is that?

Sometimes we get stuck, and inertia takes over, but getting that nudge was the best thing that could have happened. Now if SOMEONE could quit looking murderous every time she sees me, we'd be getting somewhere... I'm not going underground here....

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Comment by Cyndi on July 3, 2012 at 4:12pm

Have been in your shoes a couple of times (difficult people, and was asked to find another barn once) - was asked to leave a barn after almost a year, and it hit me out of the blue.  However, these things happen for a reason, and like your Maggie, my mare and I have never been happier.

Comment by Barbara F. on June 30, 2012 at 2:15pm

What a relief that you found a good place. So glad Mags is enjoying it too!

Comment by Jackie Cochran on June 30, 2012 at 1:39pm

I'm glad you found a good place!

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