Equine Dentistry Traveling 105 Nights A Year REVISITED

A year or two ago I wrote this blog numbering the nights I spent in a hotel serving horse owners. It is not the end of August, 2010 yet and I have already exceeded this number. I am guessing that I will visit a Marriott hotel about 150 times this year.

September 11, 2001 - New London, CT - A beautiful early morning as I wait for the ferry to cross to New York

Here are the reasons I listed. They still apply today:

  • Reason 1 - Because I can. I live in a country where gratefully I can freely travel with an abundant supply of fuel, food, and lodging. And I have an AWESOME truck. And there is a cell signal almost everywhere.
  • Reason 2 - Because I have clients throughout the US that believe in me and the quality of my work. I am grateful for them selecting me to provide the dental needs for their horses. I know there are other dentists charging less. But my clients know that spending less doesn't mean they are saving money.
  • Reason 3 - Because I am willing to do what others perceive as being too hard. That is because I don't perceive it as hard. In fact, my "work" is fun.
  • Reason 4 - Because I get to see this great country. Many feel that driving 70,000 miles a year is more than they could do. I see it as a blessing. Driving through Selma, Alabama in the early hours before sun up brought me back to a point in our country's history. The town is immaculate. Or driving on the Cross Brooklyn Expressway and seeing the Statue Of Liberty lit up at night, her flame bright. Or rounding the southern tip of Manhattan painfully missing the twin towers. Running the length of beautiful states such as Tennessee or West Virginia, seeing the great expanse of Texas, or witnessing the variety in geography of Florida or New York.
  • Reason 5 - Let’s not forget the thrill and excitement of driving in snow!
  • Reason 6 - Because my wife knows that I am happiest when serving others through their horses. She also is a "whatever it takes" kind of person.
Thanks for giving us the opportunity to serve you and your horses. We look forward to seeing you at your farm soon.

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