(Firmly) correcting a dog yes or no?

I see a big difference between how people on the internet claim to train their dog and in real life.
Online most people say to only train their dog with positive reinforcement (treats, praise, affection etc). Comments under any video that is only close to correcting a dog contain words as 'abuse' and 'should not have a dog', often much worse than that.

However at the park and in the homes of my friends I see many different methods. Most people in my environment do praise their dog but definitely do correct as well. A firm smack on the nose/head or a muzzle grab after unwanted behavior is common. I personally do not see a problem with physical corrections. To the contrary actually, my labrador responds really well to a muzzle grap and a firm tap on the nose every now and then. After a correction she behaves much better and is just a more gentle dog to be around.

Im very curious how you all train your dog. Any one that is completely against any form of correction? Why? Anyone that, against popular opinion, has had good experience with physical corrections?

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