With sugary candy in abundance today, it may be tempting to give your horse an extra treat, too. But before you dig into that Halloween candy that seems to lurk around the house forever, consider whether it’s really safe (or healthy) for your horse to eat. Looking to give your horse a Halloween treat? We’ll take a look at the treats that are safe for your horse, along with the ones to stay away from.

Hard Candies

Of all the Halloween candies available, hard candies, like peppermints, are the best (and safest) for your horse. Necco wafers and Pez also make safe options. However, remember that these candies contain a high amount of sugar, so just give your horse one or two and call it a day. Horses that suffer from insulin resistance issues like Cushings should not be given candies because of the sugar they contain.


You should always avoid feeding your horse chocolate. Chocolate contains theobromine and caffeine, stimulants that can cause your horse to test positive on a drug test. Additionally, horses don’t metabolize theobromine well, and the substance stays in their system longer than it stays in a human’s. While a single piece of chocolate Halloween candy probably won’t cause your horse harm, it’s a better idea to avoid chocolate entirely. Ohio State University has performed additional research on the effects of chocolate on horses.

Chewy Candies

Chewy candies, like Twizzlers, Starbursts, and Dots, are difficult for your horse to eat safely. It’s best to avoid feeding them.

Seasonal Treats

Halloween candy doesn’t have to be your only option when it comes to giving your horse a fun treat. Apples are much more appropriate than candy, and they’re found in abundance in the fall.

Additionally, some horses even enjoy pumpkin. Only give your horse pumpkin that is ripe and not beginning to rot. Cut the pumpkin open and give your horse the inside pulp and flesh. Horses also enjoy pumpkin seeds.

When feeding your horse treats, remember to keep the treats limited so that you don’t upset your horse’s digestive system. It’s recommended that you only feed treats in a bucket, instead of by hand, since repeated hand feeding can lead your horse to get pushy and even nippy in demand for a treat.

Your horse can share in the treats of Halloween and the fall season, but just make sure to keep him healthy and safe in the process.

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