Horse Slaughter - solutions to ending it

Horse Slaughter; one of the worst things in the equine world. Innocent horses that did nothing wrong put through all the misery only to come to a cruel death. Yes, every horse lover wants it to end! I completely understand; But no matter how many videos they may make or pictures they post, the number of horses slaughtered per year is not going down.

So, I have a possible solution to lower numbers that I want people to hear.

I know that when people breed there horses they are trying to make the best show horse, or the best race horse, the best child's pony, or trail horse, etc... it's also fun to just have a foal around! But if you think about it, what if these foals don't reach the expectations that their breeder was hoping for? They're sold. And sometimes sent to the auction. If not sold there, they're destined for the house... not just with foals but adult horses too.

So, instead of breeding all 10 or 20 of your broodmares, make a limit for each year. And instead of breeding a mare every single spring, let the gal have a break and maybe breeding her every other 2 years would be best suited.

This is just a suggestion/ idea so that horse lovers can rest with ease.

Other ideas are more than welcome in the comments.

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