Lest anyone think that Valentine's Day is going to pass us by without a jaunty love missive from one Shakespeare the Equine, let me not disappoint you but offer, herewith, his ode to one fair filly who lives down the aisle ... Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Fair Damsel
To Fergie

Is it thine amorous eye
That seizes mine awareness,
Or the wistful yearning of thy
Tender whispers in mine attentive ear?
I know not save the craving
In mine heart for thee.
Of a certainty thou dost often
Appear of humour ill,
As when from the hungry dog
The tasty bone is taken,
But in mine eye this is but a mask.
Thou art beautiful beyond the
Imaginings of mine heart.
Thy misery only plucks mine
Heart strings deeper,
Thy mare-ish cares serve only
To deepen the pools of mine
Desire for the nearness of thee.
Fair damsel, fair Ferg,
If I could but win
Thy heart
To the ends of the earth
Might we together run,
As one.

Shakespeare (a.k.a. Bear)

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Comment by Linda Weldon on February 18, 2009 at 9:13am
And as Fergs would reply no doubt...."Talk to my hoof!" lol

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