If you’re lucky, you received some great new horse equipment for Christmas. Whether you got that new pair of boots that you needed, or your horse got a new blanket and halter, chances are that you now have some old equipment that you don’t really need. During this season of giving, that old equipment can be the perfect way to make a generous gift to a local rescue or nonprofit.

Donate Equipment

Many horse rescues accept donations of equipment directly. Items like extra halters, lead ropes, and blankets can almost always be put to good use. If a rescue or equine nonprofit receives an item that it can’t use itself, it can sell the item or auction it off for funds.

If you have equipment that a rescue might find useful, call them to find out what they can use. If you will be taking equipment over to the rescue, check with other boarders at your barn to see if they have any items that they might want to donate, too.

Sell Equipment for Funds

Another alternative is to sell the equipment off yourself and then donate those funds to a rescue or equine nonprofit. Doing so means that the organization will receive a donation that it can use immediately, rather than needing to hold onto and store supplies to be sold off at a later date or event. With significant hay bills each winter, donations become even more important to equine nonprofits right now. Consider taking up donations at your barn to maximize the impact of your gift.

Tips for Choosing a Rescue or Nonprofit

When it comes to choosing the horse rescue or equine nonprofit that will receive your used equipment or donation, you want to do your homework. Equine rescues in particular tend to have mission statements that vary widely, and their approaches to horse rescue, horse use, and horse adoption also differ. When donating to an equine nonprofit, you will want to make sure that the organization’s mission matches up with your own personal values, and that the organization is one that you want to support.

It is also an excellent idea to find out just how your donation will be used. Many equine nonprofits welcome the chance to share information about what their organization does with the public, and organization “open house” days can also give you a good idea about the organization. Remember, if you want to do more than just donate to an organization, consider volunteering your time.


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