How to Get Your Kids Riding Horses and Into the Equestrian Lifestyle

Extracurricular activities are important for kids to take part in. A lot of time, we try our best to pick the right one that will fit their interests and abilities. Sometimes, it’s hard to narrow down the options to just a few that will give our children the right amount of responsibility and fun without weighing them down. Luckily, a lot of kids are game for anything having to do with animals, and a steady extracurricular relationship with a sturdy yet gentle creature like the horse is a great way to begin creating more outgoing and confident individuals.

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First and foremost, you’ll want to find an educator that both you and your little equestrian wrangler will feel comfortable with. Always look for a school or trainer with the right accreditation. This is a vital step for keeping your young one safe while exploring the equestrian lifestyle. Accreditation means that the school or trainer has gone through the proper education and training to be able to handle their horses, maintain their surroundings for safety and code compliance, and knows what techniques to teach your little rider.

Clothing and Gear

After finding your perfect school, you’ll want to get the right clothing and gear. This is a major step that all aspiring riders need to take in order to maintain a safe and healthy relationship with the equestrian lifestyle. At the top of your list should be a great pair of durable boots. Boots such as Justin Riding Boots are a fantastic investment. Even if the tag is a little steep, you do not want to skimp on the footwear as it can hurt both your child and the horse in the long run.

While most places lend your young rider a helmet, a spare that they can call their own doesn’t hurt. Bringing in the right chaps and bottoms for their classes are also great ways to ensure a good, safe ride without the irritation of chafed legs. Lastly, you’ll want to work on getting a good set of shirts. Polo shirts are a good addition to their repertoire. In fact, many shirts come specifically crafted for riding and outdoor sports. These articles of clothing remove a lot of the moisture that can cause chaffing and other ill-desired effects.


There are several benefits to starting your young one in horseback riding. It is the perfect activity that promotes trust, responsibility, respect and confidence. Your child will learn to trust their instructor and take direction while gaining respect for their surroundings. Horses are powerful creatures and can be very gentle if treated properly. Young riders will learn to respect the horse and their instructor in order to gain the most out of their experience while build lasting relationships with authority figures and other living creatures. Their confidence will increase greatly after seeing that they do have the ability to make friends with such a beautiful creature and learn the techniques passed down to them by their instructors.

Opening the door for extracurricular activities such as horse riding is important, and it does help introduce your child to the world of responsibility, comradery and confidence. With every small step your little rider takes towards their life as an equestrian enthusiast, they’re also taking a step into a great and wonderful adulthood.

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