Ok... I admit I am a little OCD... but its part of my routine when i am getting ready for a show or class... i use the quiet time to go over my test and think about my plan... and boy do my boots shine!! Ruth

1. Start with a clean and DRY boot. (Use a salt remover type product, or water, NEVER EVER a SOAP product. SOAP or oiled products will leave a residue and no matter how hard you try, they will never shine!)
2. Only use the old-fashioned boot polish made by KIWI. Use the type that says “PARADE GLOSS”. It has silicone in it shines like crazy and helps shed water.
3. Get some sheet cotton. ONLY COTTON… and wad up a palm size amount in your hand and get it slightly damp with water. Only a few drops of water should come out of your cotton when you start applying the polish.
4. Make sure you polish is warm, or has been sitting in the sun. If it’s raining, or no sun, use a bic lighter to heat the polish for a few seconds.
5. Rub some polish on the damp cotton and rub into your boot. Circles are best for the first few layers. Do NOT apply polish to the inside of the boot!
6. Reapply polish when the cotton looks grey or bluish. Don’t over apply… you are going to put 6 layers on so don’t put it on all at once!
7. Let the boot DRY. Put the boot in the sun in on a heat great, or use a blow dryer. You must not buff the layer until the polish is dry.
8. Buff boot with long, straight, and fast strokes with a soft COTTON cloth or buff brush. Buffing also heats the polish, that’s why you need to do it with elbow grease!
9. Repeat these steps 6 more times, and you will have boots that you can see your smile in … and they won’t be patent leather… just look like it.

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Comment by Ansioso on January 10, 2010 at 4:15am
GREAT post, thank you! I also LOVE polishing my boots, and this sounds a fantastic way to indulge my OCD side :D

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