Ideas for a Luxurious Tack Room

If you’ve taken a look at Pinterest lately, you’ve probably seen some gorgeously luxurious tack rooms. Your tack room stores some of your most valuable equipment, and there’s nothing better than a light, bright, and airy tack room. If you would like to create a luxurious tack room in your barn, then here are some ideas to help make that happen!

Plan In Advance

Planning is important for a luxurious tack room. Before you start sketching your tack room, put together a list of features that you would like to incorporate. Do you want large barn windows? A center island for tack cleaning? When planning your tack room, think about how much space you will need, and then make the tack room a little bit bigger. Tack rooms have a way of filling up, and you’ll never regret having a large, open tack room!

Opt for Luxurious Accessories

The accessories that you put in your tack room can help to shape its atmosphere. Opt for luxurious tack storage accessories, like the elegant wooden and brass or cast iron saddle racks offered by Classic Equine Equipment.

Plan for Organization

No matter how luxurious your tack room is, if it’s messy or unorganized, it won’t look appealing. Consider using the Ultimate Tack System. The Ultimate Tack System offers storage solutions for items like saddle pads, horse boots, polo wraps, and any other items that you may keep in your tack room.

Pay Attention to Flooring and Paneling

The choices that you make in the flooring and paneling of your tack room have a big influence on the room’s atmosphere and appearance. Light colored woods create a brighter room which feels larger. Darker colored woods can lead to a rich feel, but make rooms feel a bit smaller.

When you choose the flooring for your tack room, opt for something which is not just appealing, but which is also easy to clean and maintain. Your tack room floor will see a lot of wear, so look for a durable flooring which is up to the task. A smooth wood floor which is easy to sweep is a practical and popular choice.

Include Display Areas

Remember to incorporate display areas into your tack room. You will need a place to display ribbons, trophies, and even pictures, and a display area can add a personal touch. If possible, consider building a glass display case into the wall to keep items dust-free and well presented.

Choose Comfortable Seating

Seating is a must in your tack room! Think about incorporating comfortable benches or chairs. Riders will appreciate them when it’s time to change boots or clean tack.

Do you have some ideas for your tack room? The more planning you can do, the better your finished product should be!

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