Jan 1 2013

We worked on the ground again to begin using the 12' rope attached to the bit for about 20 minutes, changing sides often. I didn't do any giving to the bit tonight.
144th ride, we walked to the back of the arena following another horse again. Cooper did good, he tensed up a little but continued on with no spooking.
We did some more sit trot, jogging tonight. We didn't do any circles but worked on Lyons 3 Step Stop exercise and rollbacks again. He started to stop great with this exercise but when he figured we were done his whoa was awful again when headed to the door.
We had a very good ride again tonight, rode for about 30 minutes then untacked, groomed and gave him his beet pulp, yum yum! Back to work tomorrow and physio so won't see him but out again on Thursday night.

Jan 3 & 4 2013 

We went up up later both nights and groomed Cooper then gave him beet pulp with Cough Free in it again as he was coughing a lot.

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Comment by Coopersmom_1958 on February 1, 2013 at 1:08pm

Thursday January 24/13 Al went up alone and picked Coopers feet then gave him beet pulp. My stomach was bothering me, going on like this for a few months now, so sick of it.

I didn't get out all weekend to see Cooper, in pj's staying close to the restroom.

Monday January 28 2013 We went up early and I took Cooper into the arena and lunged him with the bridle on. Did both directions for 15 minutes each side, doing transitions and going over trot poles. When we first started out he did a little fling of his head, a kick and a squeal then all was good. He motors around like a racehorse trotting at high speed and didn't settle down and slow down until near the end.  Then at that time is when he tries to come into me because he wants to stop. I walked him out on the end of the lunge than gave him beet pulp and goodies.

Tuesday January 29 2013 Went out and lunged Cooper again with the bridle on. I never work him hard but tonight I asked for some canter. A few times he decided to take off at a canter on his own so I tried not to pull and walked with him, drawing him by shortening the lunge line so he would come back down to a trot. We did about 15 minutes in both directions and then I cooled him down at a walk before taking him inside and giving his some beet pulp and treats.

Wednesday, January 30 2013 He was coughing again tonight so I gave him the last of the cough syrup. He spit a lot of it out on the ground so I poured what was left, which wasn't even another dose, in his beet pulp. He didn't cough again after getting this. My stomach was still acting up so we didn't stay long at all, got there around 7 and left and home by 8 p.m.

Thursday, January 31 2013 I had to go buy some halters as the boys keep playing rough and halter tag and breaking his halters. We got to the barn just after 8 and left by 9. He didn't have any cough tonight but after reading the instructions on the Zenamin supplement he gets I decided to do the loading dose. It says for cough that you can increase the dose slowly up to 3 or 4 scoops a day for 4 weeks, then gradually come back down to the 1 dose. The last time we did this I misunderstood the directions and only did a loading dose of 2 scoops for 4 days. Don't know where I saw that?? I have noticed a considerable difference in his coat now since starting it on December  15th.

I was hoping to ride tonight but my stomach had other plans. It hasn't been a good month at all. I started a new medication for acid, Nexium, and side effects are diarrhea and headache, which has been happening to me. Plus I started to take a probiotic and adding flax into my diet. I think I will have to get some metamucil or benefibre to add more bulk. I am sure this will work its way out eventually, just have to stick with it and put up with the side effects until it gets better. I never used to eat well at all years ago, coffee and donuts was my diet, and when I started to add fruits, vegetables and salads I had a hard time with it. But it got better so hoping this will too. I have been going to work with this happening too, at least I get to run to the loo several hundred times a day, they are farely understanding about it. I don't know if I will make it out to see Cooper, but should even if it is just to pick his feet and give him beet pulp. His feet have been so full with stones and mud and it's been hard to clean them out, like cement. And since I don't blanket him he really loves the added beet pulp at night to keep his insides warm.

Comment by Coopersmom_1958 on January 24, 2013 at 1:16pm

Jan 16th to 23rd 2013 I have been up almost every night to give Cooper medicine and have lunged him every night. The last week the weather has had them all staying in a lot and they don't run around much outdoors on the frozen ground, so Cooper has been a little big of a nut case, most of the horses have been. On the 16th we went up to give him the night time dose of antibiotics and some beet pulp. On the 17th he was acting up in the aisle way so I took him into the arena and free lunged him. He ran around, head high, tail flagging, bouncing high off of the ground. When he went around by the poles and standards in the scary corner he would snort and do little circles there staring wide eyed at them. After a few minutes of this he settles down and starts to come in to me and works nicely at liberty around me, changing directions and going the other way wonderfully.  We did the same routine on the 18th. 

On the 19th we just gave him his antibiotic and cough syrup and beet pulp. No work out these 2 days as we got to the barn very late and couldn't stay long. We didn't go on Sunday the 20th, that was his last day for antibiotic but it ran out that morning so he didn't get the last dose. 

Monday Jan 21st he was coughing again, but we think it was because there was a farrier standing right beside his stall doing a horse and the smoke was going into his stall.  I gave him the beet pulp while waiting for the farrier to finish up then picked his feet and took him into the arena. I lunged him on lunge line with the regular halter on at a walk, trot in both directions over 2 trot poles at front of arena. He had a few more coughs again tonight but only at the beginning. We walked to back of arena to the scary jump standards and he snorted at them but walked by them fine. Then we made our way back to front of arena doing falling leaf pattern and at one point he did a little buck and took off, getting the lunge line tangled so I dropped it so I wouldn't pull and hurt him. He stood still when he stepped on the line and I walked calmly over and got him and continued working.

Tuesday, Jan 22 Lunged him on lunge line with halter on at a walk, trot in both directions at front of arena. At first he was a little crazy so I took him off and free lunged him until he started to want to come in to me then I put him back on lunge line and did some work. No coughing tonight. We went to back of arena and did circles and change of directions past the poles and standards in the scary corner, he was great with them tonight. Then we made our way back to front of arena doing the falling leaf pattern. I cooled him out by having him walk around me and changing directions at the end of the line. Then he got his beet pulp and we said good night.

Wed Jan 23, we don't usually go on a Wednesday because of physio but with it being so cold lately I thought he would enjoy some warm beet pulp. There was only one other person at the barn doing the same thing we were for his daughters horse. We cleaned his buckets and gave him warmer water and I picked his feet and groomed him a little. He was really enjoying it on his neck, bringing his head around and laying his chin on my shoulder. We were about to leave then Al decided to take him into the arena to let him run for a bit. I wasn't dressed for the barn, still in my cold work clothes, so I let him stand in the middle and do the smooching and clucking while I stood in the corner and coached him on how to get Cooper to come back in to him and change directions. He did very good for his first time trying it off the lead line with Cooper. We will be going back up tonight, probably only lunge him again, maybe I'll try riding, maybe I won't, doesn't matter to me if I do or don't. I just love being with him as he makes me feel better.

Comment by Coopersmom_1958 on January 16, 2013 at 2:50pm

Wednesday January 16 2012

Met the vet at the barn at 11 a.m. and he was there just a few minutes before me and already had Cooper in the aisle listening to his breathing with the stethoscope.  He heard a little something in the middle of his neck, said it could be stapho?? something or other infection. His temperature was normal, 92.?? something? Took blood to check cbc's just to be safe and see if everythign is ok and started him on Sulpha antibiotic and a cough syrup for 5 days. I'm hoping the barn manager will give him the morning dose as I can go out nightly and give him the evening one. The vet gave Cooper the sulpha by syringe and I put the cough syrup in some equalizer which he gobbled up. I will try to put the sulpha in some beet pulp tonight and see if he will take it that way. Sure hope this takes the cough away and we can start to play again.

Comment by Coopersmom_1958 on January 16, 2013 at 2:48pm

Jan 14 & Jan 15/13 Went up and gave Cooper cough medicine in beet pulp. I called the vet and they are coming Wednesday. It's been almost 5 weeks and the over the counter powder is not working. Vet office said the over the counter products just soothe the throat but don't fix the problem so going to have him looked at.

Comment by Coopersmom_1958 on January 14, 2013 at 10:58am

Jan 11 to 13/13 we have gone out every night to give Cooper cough medicine and groom him. I have been taking him into the wash stall the last few nights to wash mud from his legs then spraying his feet where mud fever usually occurs with Miracle Mist with tea tree oil in it. I usually rub corona ointment but thought I would try this. He really likes this not having to work, he's going to be full of beans when I do finally get back to riding him :)

One more night of the loading dose tonight. He doesn't have any nasal discharge or fever and is in good spirits, still very energetic and happy.

Comment by Coopersmom_1958 on January 14, 2013 at 10:53am

Thursday, January 10 2013

We got to the barn early and there was already a lot of people there. I groomed and tacked Cooper then went into arena and did a little ground work, giving to the bit for about 10 minutes. We walked to the back of arena and went up to the scary poles and he was fine with them. Then I made my way back to front of arena and got on.
As soon as we started to walk around he started coughing very hard, almost tossing me out of the saddle. We walked around and tried a trot one time but he continued to do this. There were 5 others trotting and cantering around making the arena very dusty. I couldn't get out on the rail with everyone moving so fast. After about 15 minutes I decided to get off and give him some cough medicine. Decided to start another 5 day loading dose of the Cough Free. I might get some Respi-Free or Lung Flush from Alpha Omega to try.

Comment by Coopersmom_1958 on January 9, 2013 at 9:36am

Tuesday, January 8 2013

Worked him on the ground to begin with the 22' rope. I haven't used this rope for a few weeks as I always get so dirty from it but since no one was in the arena I thought I would take him in and play a bit and not worry about getting dirty. He was fabulous!! At first we did some big circles, all the way to the end of the rope, which was wall to wall. He broke into a lope when I asked him to change directions and go right and let out a buck and a squeal LOL He did some great extended trot and slowed down to almost a nice jog while online with no sign of lameness tonight. I had to encourage him to keep going when he slowed as he wanted to come down to a walk before I asked him to. We worked our way to the scary back of the arena and worked around the corners. I asked him to slow his walk as he went past the corners and he started to relax. I asked him to back into the corner and stand there and then backed him up and changed directions without moving off. I couldn't believe how well he was doing all this, the ground work is working great! I spent a good 10 to 15 minutes down at this end of the arena working in both corners, having him go sideways into the corner and stand up against the wall. I have to learn to do this lighter as he doesn't need that much pressure from me to do this.

We then worked our way back to the front of the arena and worked in the scary corner by the outside door. Through all of this when he stopped he looked to me often and then would start to lick and chew and lower his head. 

I took him back inside and tacked him up and Al swept the dirt all off of me, it was up my front and back. I was going to use the rope hackamore but decided on the bit tonight as there were other riders in the arena by this time cantering around and around. When I got on we walked to the middle of the arena and stood with the other riders for a few minutes before walking around. I stayed in the middle as the other 2 were working on the rail at higher speeds than I was going. Another girl came in with her horse and took her over to stand by the scary poles in the one corner as she had spooked at them the night before. So many horses spook at that corner but there is no where else to stack those poles, so have to get used to them ( and try that count to ten exercise when I remember). I walked Cooper past them a few times and he did great but then the 3rd time he jumped sideways and would not go over there again. He could probably feel my tension too when we would go in those corners, I have got to try and be more confident over there! We did manage to walk past them a few more times at a little distance away then went into the middle and just stood there watching the others work. I really didn't feel like struggling with Cooper, I was nervous enough, so we didn't do anymore work, just sat there for about 10 minutes, sitting and doing nothing. I did ask him to lower his head a few times when he bopped it up in the air and I could feel him start to quiver under me when the other horses were cantering around us.

I then took him back inside and gave him his beet pulp and carrots. I won't be going out tonight so he will have a day of dwell time and hope to try the 22' rope again next time we are up and maybe ride with the rope hackamore again.

Comment by Coopersmom_1958 on January 9, 2013 at 9:11am

Thanks Jackie, I will read it again  :) 

Comment by Jackie Cochran on January 8, 2013 at 3:07pm

You might want to read my blog "Another Good Reason to Count to Ten" about how I dealt with Mia's spookiness.  I do not know how it would work with Cooper, but now Mia mostly only spooks when she is uncomfortable with the saddle or a giant surprise.

YOU STAYED ON!!!  You are gaining a secure seat.

And again, people are coming to you for help.  Good work! 

Comment by Coopersmom_1958 on January 8, 2013 at 2:19pm

Monday, Jan 7 2013 I went by myself to see Cooper to pick his feet and give him some cough medicine. No coughing at all tonight and others told me he didn't cough in the day, that's good. I ended up staying a little longer and spent some time grooming him. He was really enjoying it on his neck on his left side and he brought his head around and rested it on my shoulder, looking at me almost as if he was saying Thanks Mom! He didn't nibble or chew at all on me so I let him do that. Another boarder was watching me groom him and commented on how good he was indoors and how outside he is the biggest bully in the paddock. She wants me to show her some of the ground work as her horse gets pushy with her.

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