Sunday July 1 2012 106th Ride. 

We played for a few minutes indoors while waiting for another boarder. Then we walked out to the outdoor arena without any snorts, nice and calm. We walked around the edge of the arena doing squeeze game, falling leaf and circles. We stopped in one corner so the managers little 1 year old some could pet Cooper from over the fence. Cooper stood quietly and looked like he enjoyed it. I was told from his past owner that he grew up with little ones playing around him and laying on him and his half brother all the time.

I had the rope halter and 12' line on and did it up to use as 2 reins and got on for a ride. We walked around the outside of the arena and Cooper was very good. He would look off to the outside and start to raise his head and when I bumped him with the rein he would pay attention and move on. We did some indirect rein and direct rein in towards the rail making a complete turn and continued on in the same direction. Then we did some half turns to go in the opposite direction. We trotted around and I tried to keep a loose rein and did good most of the time. We also went sideways over to the fence so I could get a drink of water. Cooper was so good at it, went with very little touch. There was a nice breeze and hardly any bugs out tonight.rnWe then followed the other boarder out of the arena and back inside and again Cooper was very calm and walked nicely all the way until I dismounted in the indoor arena.

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Comment by Coopersmom_1958 on July 31, 2012 at 1:04pm

Monday, July 30 2012

Got to the barn around 7 and took the tack out and grooming bag. I cleaned my saddle before taking Cooper out of his stall. When I took him out I saw a baseball size lump, hematoma, on his chest, it looked like it was in the same spot where he had one when I first got him as a yearling and got kicked. There was also another scrape that was swollen on the front of his neck, about 5 inches long by 2 inches wide and raw looking.

 took him right away into the wash stall and cold hosed these spots for about 15 minutes. I think Cooper liked it, his eyes seemed to say it to me. He was trying to get drinks from the hose too. After I sprayed some Eqyss Micro-Tek Spray and then applied some corona ointment to the raw spots. 

He didn't seem to be sore when I touched it. I gave him his treats in a bucket in the aisle way and he knocked it upset down, seems like he preferred to eat it off the ground. 

I'm going to give him a salt soak tonight and then put a poultice on and watch it for a week. If it doesn't go down then I will call the vet to see if it needs to be lanced, which of course I will not try to do myself.

Comment by Coopersmom_1958 on July 29, 2012 at 1:13pm

Saturday July 28 2012

When we got to the barn I started going through my tack locker looking for some slobber straps. Going through the plastice totes in it I found a lot of moldy wet leather bridles, reins, gloves. Ewww!! My Nurtural Bitless Bridle that I have only used a handful of times covered in mold. I don't know if it will come back after this attack on it. My rope hackamore was in the same box with mold on it too, that will wash clean. I hoping that some detol will clean up the leather then use some leather cleaner and conditioner on it. I spent a lot of time cleaning out all the things in the locker before getting to Cooper.

I tacked Cooper all up with a new cinch and saddle liner under his saddle pad. We went outside with the 12' rope and halter and did about 15 minutes of ground work around the edge of the outdoor arena. When we went through the gate Cooper got the saddle caught on the gate latch and took it off the fence. There were some panels standing against the outside of the fence which fell and spooked him. He was a little jumpy after that but settled down quickly. 

After walking around I put the bridle and bit on him and went for a ride. He did very good, still running out at the shoulders but I was able to slow him down on the circles and keep him up, when I could remember what to do. My hands were still all over and every time I tried to stop the rein would get stuck on the horn of the saddle. We only rode for about 15 minutes and it was starting to get dark.


Comment by Coopersmom_1958 on July 26, 2012 at 12:39pm

Tuesday July 24 2012 We did some short range driving with the carrot stick on withers indoors, both sides, and at a trot. At first he was too far away as I had to really stretch my arm out to keep the carrot stick on his withers. I then let the line out and had him trot around me both ways in the circling game. Then went for a walk outside using short range driving and stood around by the picnic table.

Cooper took another chip out of his foot, the barn manager says she saw him step on himself. The left front had to be trimmed off center because of the crack and huge piece out of it. He is not sore on it, guess he must feel out of balance. Have to keep an eye on it and wait for it to grow out, farrier says can still ride and work him like usual. Hoping to get out after work on Thursday, it has rained and the arena should not be so dusty, I hope. Supposed to rain some more so it might be doing that when it's time to go outside with him.

Comment by Coopersmom_1958 on July 24, 2012 at 9:40am

Monday July 23 2012

I didn't go to see Cooper all weekend, had family things to take care of. I was giving him time off anyway waiting for the farrier to do his feet.

It was very hot today, the car temperature read 36 Celsius (96.8 F) but felt like over 40 C they said on the radio. I went to the barn to check on how the farrier did with Cooper. His feet looked fabulous, I didn't think she would be able to fix the crack without having to patch the hoof or even put shoes on, but she did it. I still have to watch that it doesn't start to crack again in the same spot. When we got to the barn I took him into the wash stall and hosed him down. I think he liked it, he was also trying to drink the water from the hose, but only when he wanted to do it, not when I tried to put it in his mouth. I took him outside after and let him eat some grass, or what little there is, and to dry off. It was very breezy, the wind was whipping little funnels around in the outdoor arena. It started to lightening really bad and then thundering so we high tailed it back inside quick. It started to pour and the wind died down while it was raining it then in about 3 minutes it stopped, not enough to even soak the ground. I groomed him and then put some conditioner on his hooves then gave him his treats. The big guy next to him was watching closely, wondering where his was. that is his buddy who he hangs out with, he's over 17 hands, they look so funny together.

I going to go back out to do his feet tonight, maybe do some groundwork or ride, maybe not.

Comment by Coopersmom_1958 on July 21, 2012 at 12:15am

Another week gone by and didn't get out to see Cooper since last Saturday. Finally made it out tonight after work, the weather was much cooler, very nice out.

Friday July 20 2012

110th ride tonight. We did yo-yo, circles, change of direction, transitions, draw to me online using the 22' rope. One time when changing directions he bucked and squealed then settled into the circle with me standing still and he did a few laps around me. We played inside first for about 10 minutes then went outdoors and played online for another 20 minutes. I got so dirty from the indoor arena dirt sticking to the rope.
I had a little trouble getting Cooper to stand relaxed at the mounting block because he was watching another horse that was acting up. Finally got him settled and I got on and stood still for a few minutes before moving (forgot to do flexing). We walked all around the edge of the arena both ways a few times, trying to keep a loose rein and directing him back to the rail when he would start to drift off. He was very calm, his gaze moved off to the outside of the arena a few times and I would bump the inside rein to bring him back. We then did a little trot, slowing down to a jog on one side, he was comfy.
We then did some circles in the middle of the arena, I didn't have any cones as markers, our circle was move like a serpentine. A few times when I tried to direct him back into the circle with the direct rein he ignored the rein and just went where he wanted. I had to bump fairly hard several times.
We tried to do sideways in front of a jump, he was confused, so was I. I couldn't remember the steps for doing it while mounted. I then took him over to the fence and he did it much better, guess the jump confused him.
I won't be riding this weekend or working him hard as his feet are cracking, one hoof split up the front and lots of chips from the dry weather we have had. Farrier is coming on Monday.

Comment by Coopersmom_1958 on July 15, 2012 at 3:15am

Saturday July 14 2012

We did another taping for the Level 1 On Line audition. I tried to stay calm but still felt like we were rushing through. I forgot 3 tasks, so doing it again, oh boy. There was lots of time left too if I had of remembered those ones. I didn't have them written down.

Cooper did really well even with the bugs bugging him, but no licking & chewing until the end. I had a tarp set up in the arena and was going to take it out but another rider wanted to try to take her horse over it. He spooked and bucked her off, she was lucky she didn't hit the jump standards that were there.
After we played online using the 22' rope doing some circles and canter. Trotted over some poles and change of directions. Did a yo-yo to the end of the rope, put my leg back and pointed then had to pick up the stick and slap the ground a few times to get him out on the circle, then he stopped behind me. So did it again and I only had to slightly raise the stick and off he went and he maintained the circle for about 4 rounds before I yielded his hindquarters and brought him in.
While doing the circles I started to bring the rope in to a smaller circle and Cooper was trotting around me with his nose in and bending around me on a loose rope. I sent him out the other way and he did it again. I would love to try liberty with him but the arena is too big and there is nothing small enough at the barn to do it.

Comment by Coopersmom_1958 on July 13, 2012 at 6:46pm

Thursday July 12 2012 109th Ride.

I tacked him all up with the rope halter, 12' rope and saddle. I was going to try and do the 10 minute audition but the camera batteries died. So we did some ground work and Cooper was fabulous. I set up the barrels and had him doing figure 8's around them and touching them. Then we walked around the arena doing travelling circles at a trot and walk. Then we did the responsibility circles over a pole. At first he would stop every time he went past my shoulder so then I would bring him in, thank him and send him back out with porcupine on his nose, yo-yo back and point. I also did the smack the ground 3 times, only had to do 3 times and he was gone on his way. After doing this 2 times as soon as I even went to lift the stick he was off to do the circle. He also got a good 4 circles around me before I stopped him, brought him in and then did the other direction. We practiced the Trot to a stop and back up and he got really good at it. The touch on his nose and then on his chest to back up was very light, I hardly had to touch him. 
I have been watching Level 1 videos on parelli connect and also watching the Level 2 online dvd. I type out what is being said too as it helps me to remember better. I have to get out my little books that came with the old level and read them again. So much to do and its fun.
We played around for about 1/2 hour on the ground. I hope to submit our L1 On Line audition soon.

I was tired and going to quit then another boarder came out and wanted me to ride with her. 
I tied the lead rope to the halter for reins and got on. I had a hard time getting on tonight, my jeans were tight and I had the silicone sleave on over my prosthetic which was also making me very hot. Cooper stood wonderfully through my horrible mounting and then we did flexing on both sides. I tried to give him a loose rein and he would head back to the gate so I was doing a lot of directing back to the rail. He was a little tense and spooky when we went past the far corner and a scary tree and I had to tip his nose in to the inside and get his mind off the scary things. We walked all around the rail and changed direction before we tried a trot. Again I was trying to have a looser rein, it was happening but I didn't give him full freedom. We walked through the poles that were set up and then walked around the barrels in the barrel pattern. Then I tried the barrels at a trot with the open direct rein and some leg to bend his body around the barrel. I forgot to put elastics on so didn't use too much leg or my feet would have fallen out of the stirrups. After this while standing I tried an indirect rein but couldn't get my leg back enough to yield the hindquarters so I reached back and tapped him to move his rear. 
We rode around for about 1/2 hour then followed the other rider out of the arena and inside. Cooper was walking nice & slow, no rushing, he was so good tonight and really watching me.

Comment by Coopersmom_1958 on July 9, 2012 at 10:30am

Sunday July 8 2012

108th ride, I tacked Cooper all up then went outside and took his saddle off to try the Level 1 On Line audition again. I forgot something again so now we will have another do over. I went out of order, poor Al was reading them off to me and I was doing something else. After this we did about 20 minutes more of groundwork. Cooper pushed the ball around for awhile, bringing his knees up and kicking the ball and trying to bite it.
I decided to try using the bridle and bit tonight and ride. Cooper was very good with putting the bit in his mouth and great walking around. We walked all around the rail calmly then tried some trot, slowing to a jog, he did great. We were getting some nice jogs and did circles in a few corners. We practiced some turn on the haunches, again he is good going to the right but the left I must be doing something wrong, he turns on the forehand instead of the haunches. Then we practiced a few roll backs at a walk. We walked around the cones in the figure 8 pattern then tried the pole bending, first at a walk then a trot. He ran out on me one time and I corrected him and went back to doing it again. I almost ran into someone because the sun was in my eyes and I didn't see her We rode for about half an hour then I asked another girl if she wanted to try riding him. Cooper tested her at the beginning, running off into a lope and trying to do his own thing. She got him under control and the 2 of them starting working good together.
They did a lot of extended trot and then some loping. He was sweating after that big workout. Then they went for a walk to the gelding pasture out back to cool off. She has asked if she can start riding him, she loves him, says he was very good once they worked things out.
I hosed him down a little then rubbed him down with a towel and gave him his treats.

Comment by Coopersmom_1958 on July 8, 2012 at 12:23am

Friday June 6 2012

When we got to the barn I had to file some chips in Coopers hooves. Then I brought out the exercise ball to see if he was ok with it since he hadn't played with one since we left the other barn Nov 2011. First we went to the indoor arena and he rubbed his head all over the ball and pushed it a little then lost interest. We went outdoors and I pushed it around while he watched :) Then we went to the front paddock and played on the 22' rope with falling leaf and circles. There were 2 logs set up as jumps and we played around with them. One was on the ground the other about 2 feet high. He went right over the high one then any other time he would stop and look at me. I think it surprised him the first time. Finally with some approach and retreat he slowly stepped over it. We made our way back out of the paddock and called it a night.

Saturday June 7 2012
Al & I headed out to watch a trailer loading lesson this morning with Judith & Riva. Wonderful day, Riva was so good. Todd had her going in and out of the trailer calmly and standing quietly inside. Great lesson, Judith is going to have fun playing. I hope to be able to try this with Cooper at my barn too if I can get to use the trailer.
We didn't get out to see Cooper, Al had car troubles and it was late by the time he had it fixed. Going to go out Sunday.

Comment by Coopersmom_1958 on July 4, 2012 at 9:50am

Tuesday July 3 2012 107th ride.

I tacked Cooper all up and went to the outdoor arena with no snorting, he was nice and calm. We did a practice run for the Level 1 audition but I forgot a few things so will try again another time. I felt very rushed trying to do this, have to relax. Cooper was really trying to stick to me and not wanting to go out and do the figure 8 pattern. When we walked off in the driving game with the stick on his withers he was crowding so I tapped him to get him to move out, which he did slightly. We were doing good then when I backed out of the gate my camera man starting zooming in on Cooper and I thought that ruined my try for this audition. Next time he will try to keep us both in the picture. We went sideways along the fence then when headed to the cameraman Cooper tried to stick his nose on the camera LOL.

We did about 30 minutes of groundwork, trotting and walking over poles and doing traveling falling leaf pattern and circles.
I tied the rope to the halter end and got on Cooper, sitting for a few minutes flexing on both sides. We walked all around the rail calmly except for the far end where he started to tense up. The wind was blowing and moving things around. We did some indirect and direct rein turns in towards the rail at a walk. We walked around the cones in the figure 8 pattern and I was forgetting what to do. Everytime we went by the gate Cooper would pull and lean towards it, wanting to quit and I would circle him with a direct rein and go in the other direction. We played around with the barrels trying to do them at a trot. He was dropping out at his shoulder and zig zagging under me, probably bad signals from me too. We did a lot of one rein stops as he would quicken his pace and try to head to the gate. Poor guy is getting wear marks on his face from the halter. We rode for about half an hour then 2 of the other riders decided to go out and ride in the big pasture so I followed them out and got off Cooper when we got to the indoor arena. I didn't feel comfortable riding him out there yet, someday I will, but not this day.
I untacked him and hosed him down a little then rubbed him down with a towel and gave him his treats.

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