One person was away, so 2 of us joined in on the 7 p.m. lesson.

It was really rushed as I didn't find this out until 4:30 and still had to go home after work to change. But we made it and we were tacked up and ready to go in record time, for me anyway!!

There were 9 of us in the class. It was a little chaotic at first but close to the middle of the night everyone was working great together and hardly any collisions. I would laugh everytime Cooper would try to get real close to the horse in front of him, not a good thing, but it made me laugh how he wanted to stay close to the other horses.

At the beginning I was tense as I was worrying that Cooper was going to spook and go sideways everywhere. I hadn't ridden him since Nov 10. I did some circling with him with the rope halter and 12' lead on the ground and he would kick and squeal when I asked for a canter. We walked around at a trot and I had him go into the spooky corners, which he did pretty well.

Overall he was a very good boy for a week off from any work, I really got lucky when I found him.

We were learning counter bend. I was confused but my coach said it looked like we got it. Cooper was getting it anyway, not me. You were to counter bend then come right back to the circle and keep him moving his inside shoulder on the circle. Do not cross your hands over his withers, which I and many others were doing. Pull up on both reins in the opposite direction while keeping the circle going.

I still don't think I really understand the why with this. To me it seems like the same exercise almost as the clock work. and having his shoulder go to 1 & 2 or 9 & 10. I hope to get some practice time in as the next week is very busy for me and I don't know when I can get out to see him again.

There is a make up lesson on Tuesday then another regular lesson Thursday next week.

Al got a few photos in between snoozes up in the toasty viewing room. I will post them later.

I managed to get through the night without any incidents with my stomach, it was a good night and was great to put my arms around Coopers fuzzy neck and hug him.



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Comment by Jackie Cochran on November 25, 2011 at 11:10am

It sounds like you and Cooper are really progressing!

Good luck on making it to the lessons next week.

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