Hello All !! Just want to send this out to you ! Whatever you are worried about will magnify as energy to your horse and to your experience. Energy is magnetic in its nature and what you put out  as output returns as input especially when working with your horse. Get yourself centered to your deep calm center feel present in gratitude and love for all you are in this moment . as you breathe take in the wonderful smell of your horse in appreciation send this back through your body so that he/she feels it you can do this with all aspects of your relationship with your horse. Just keep sending and naming and feeling the joy your horse has brought you without any expectation of anymore from him . Let him /her know how grateful you are that he/she is in your life. and that you attracted this particular horse/horses Allow this to settle deeply so that it connects to your core. Ride from this feeling!!! of connectedness. Divinely Yours Julie of Divine Dressage

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Comment by Jackie Cochran on May 19, 2013 at 9:51am

Ah yes, horses pick up the rider's energy.  I have MS, by the time I get up on the horse I am already tired and the horses mostly just want to poke around, why should they try any harder when I am giving off signals of extreme tiredness?  As a result I have to use a lot of leg.

At least it keeps me walking on my own two feet.  Sometimes when the horse is particularly pokey I try to appreciate the fact that they are forcing me to make my legs stronger.

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