Hello everyone,
This is my first entry ever, and English is not my first language, so sorry for any bad grammar or bad spelling.

Yesterday my horse Way of Life, better known as Babe, and I entered the Mac Rider Cup.
We had to ride as we would normally do, when training. There are 2 judges, one that helps you and one that just observes. Every province has a certain amount of entries, so there are several rounds in several levels.
If you pass to the next round, you will ride against all the province winners in your class. If you pass the 2nd round, you will compete with the other provinces, until there is just one combination left.
The greatest thing about this, is that they don't just look at how great a horse is, but also at the riders friendly behaviour towards the horse and how well you follow their advise.

Yesterday was the first round for me.
We drove the horsetrailer to the dressagestable, where the event took place, about a 20 minutes drive from where my horse is located.
My mother and boyfriend both came, as they always do, and they're such a great help. Especially since my horse isn't always the easiest.

We unloaded Babe, I saddled him and mounted... and then... BOOM! Babe exploded and showed his rodeo-moves off. I normally don't really mind, but we were still on the concrete bottom, so I was afraid he would slip, or I would fall of on stones. Luckily he stopped after a minute, scaring everyone around him.

After a warm up in the outside arena, we were allowed to go to the inside arena and start our training. Babe did really well, he listened, I listened to the instructions and we both worked hard.
After 30 minutes of training, the judges had to make a decision, and...

I couldn't believe it, because there were quite some talented horses.
The judge said that I rode really friendly, I really try to help my horse, we only need to make sure he keeps his muscles of his stomach tense, while doing transitions.
She said that of I work on that, we will get very far in dressage.

There was a photographer, but the pics aren't online yet. As soon as they are, I will make sure to post them!

Thanks for reading!

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Comment by Jackie Cochran on February 18, 2012 at 8:21am

Sounds exciting, I'm so glad your horse got his act together.

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