Our cams are up and three of our stalls are filled. Our list of expectant girls and their suitors can be seen at http://www.mulligansrun.com/Expecting.php

We have in Shandy, Unforgettable and Sugar Baby

Unforgettable will be 300 days on 1/27/09 and 320 days on 2/18/09. Last she went 319 days and is a sneaky foaler - always during the day. This will be our first foal by her and Dream. We're excited to see what she will produce with him.

Shandy is in also. She will be 300 days on 1/29/09 and 320 days on 2/18/09. Last year she went over 340 days...hoping she doesn't pull that again. Her bag is already filling, so it's time to get an idea of her patterns.
This will be her 2nd breeding to Dream. Last year they had our beautiful filly, Flame, who we have retained.

Sugar Baby is our other mom on cam. We have her down as being due 4/5/08 but she is huge and we're thinking that she took on an earlier breeding, which would make her 300 days on 2/26 and 320 days on 3/18 (if my math is correct) - that is still a ways off, but we would prefer to keep an eye on her as well. Better safe than sorry.

So...there you go. Mare Stare has begun at Mulligans Run.....we hope you can join us!

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Comment by Heather Troglauer on January 11, 2009 at 9:56am
We now have a BARN ALARM at Mare Stare - just open up Mare Stare Barn Alarm and leave it open. The sounds will alert you to moms that are close to foaling, and those that are in active labor. It will make catching births so much simpler.

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