Its been almost a year since I first started out, and I am about to complete my level 2 Equestrian.  I am so happy with the progress, but most of all, so grateful for the horse that has become a true friend. We have learned how to 'talk' with each other, or I should say, we continue to learn, and he now respects my 'leg' as a rider.  How far we have come, given that initially, I couldn't even find my balance, and hadn't even understood that the process is life-long, not a matter of 'levels' completed. I get that now.

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Comment by Christopher Koth on January 26, 2013 at 9:27am

Cheryl, I'm committed to whatever time I can have in the saddle. For me, it will never be enough.  And, at my age I may not be heading toward competition ever, but the joy of discovering 'what there is to discover' is unmatched by any other.  Congrats on the Dressage, something I wonder about myself.  I will take a couple of years to work on transitions, my seat and jumps and then consider what else there may be.  Isn't it such a privilege that we can do this?

Jackie, you're right, I feel that every little bit I learn, reveals so much more about what there is to learn.  I think that's why understanding this as a life-long process helps me to settle into joy of the journey a lot better.   Best to you all!  Chris

Comment by Cheryl Bruder on January 26, 2013 at 8:30am

A year ah, and at this far along, that is impressive. I'm just starting with a coach for dressage.  Since its a schooling barn I may only get in one day other than my lesson to train until summer.  You must spend a great deal more time in the saddle than that.  This may take us forever...

Comment by Jackie Cochran on January 6, 2013 at 2:12pm


Now you will really learn what riding horses is all about. 

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