So, I have found my child a lovely spot where he can run and play with kids his own age. 


Saturday, I came from the barn he's at, after discussing it with the manager there that he needed a different spot, and I went to the local tack shop for Garlic (bad mosquitoes here) and a tail strap.  I walk into the shop and see a girl I haven't seen in years.  I've known her for closing in on a decade, she was a teenager then.  So, we get to chatting about our various steeds, and she tells me about the place Havoc is now going, I should give them a call, she gives me the number. She's right, it's perfect for him.  Acres of grass, playmates, grain twice a day, experienced manager who loves babies.


If I hadn't gone to that tack shop, that day, I'd have missed it.  I've always said that the horses will find where they are supposed to be, if only we'll let them show us.  It was a good reminder.  I'm not happy that little guy went through a fence (which didn't leave a mark on him), or that he's been in a paddock for days, but it let me find him the place he needs to be for now. 


I remember talking to my trainer, saying if only we'd started with her years ago when I got the mare, we'd be so much further ahead.... her response... you may not have been ready then, you are now.  She's right.  Sometime we have to go through the icky stuff to be ready to progress.  And as for Maggie, she's given up on running about with her head in the air, cantering to the left.  That's progress!


I'm so glad I have my kids, they guide me gently (sometimes not so) through life, taking me where I need to go.  Better give them extra cookies....

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