I hope I'm not infringing rules here; I need help and this is the best place I know to find it!
my Company, Fuller Fillies has been designing and manufacturing for the UK plus-sized horse riding fraternity (can't spell the female equivalent) for three years; we have just launched in the USA, Canada, Germany, Holland & Sweden and realise that preferenced differ greatly!
I need to gather statistics, likes and dislikes, wants etc and would be delighted if all your Barnmice could help me out!

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Comment by Suzanne Wild on March 31, 2009 at 7:38am
I'm going to answer all three at once - some information I didn't want to display as I didn't want to be seen as advertising...
We manufacture a full range of riding wear starting at a UK size 16 and going up to a 24 (USA and Canadian 14-22 I understand) however, our sizing is very generous so you may find that you are actually a size smaller than you think you are! All can be seen on www.fuller-fillies.com
We have just gone into the Smart Pak catalogue in the USA with stores to follow soon, although the Fuller Fillies website now has a link to the UK mail order partner Tackanory (it will link to smart pak soon)
What we have is designed, at the moment for the UK market - I think Janine is talking about the Musketeer jacket which was dliberately made short as our girls wanted 'short and sporty' - we dropped the back to cover the bum! That said, in the UK, 90% of the Fillies are under 5'7'' tall so this is what we have designed for - now we are in the US and more of Europe we are finding that you girls are a little taller. This is why I want you girls online with us so that you can give me feedback so I can design for your needs; SmartPak are giving great feedback but I need yours too!
Comment by Janine Cheung on March 28, 2009 at 10:20am
I was very excited about your launch in the Toronto area. I was looking to purchase a winter riding jacket, or a shell type jacket. I tried one of your designs on, and while it looked like a very nicely made jacket, and I was happy with the fit across the chest and arm length, I felt the jacket's length was a little too short. I kept wanting to pull it down. I think with our cold winters, we need jackets that come down a little lower on the butt. I'm not tall btw, so a taller person would most likely find the jacket to be shorter still. Hope that helps!
Comment by Debbie Hoye on March 28, 2009 at 9:04am
I have seen your products and like them. I would "tweak" some of them a bit but my biggest concern is purchasing them. They art extremely hard to actually purchase. I have been to the website and wanted to place an order but was at the time unable to do it online. Has this changed? There is a local store that will take orders for your products but they only place an order when there is sufficient orders so the wait can be just too long.....
Comment by marsha george on March 28, 2009 at 8:12am
Hello, I would love to help, what kind of products do you have currently. what sizes? where have you launched in the USA, and do you have a catelog.
it's hard to give you feedback without knowing what you offer.
my direct email is marshag8@yahoo.com

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