When it comes to selling your horse, making him stand out from the crowd of other horses for sale is important in finding him a new home. When you prepare to show your horse to potential buyers, there are a few major tasks that you’ll want to be sure to do.

Get the Horse in Regular Work

If you’re selling a horse that is intended to be a riding or competition mount, then it’s best to get the horse fit before you advertise him. Restarting a horse under saddle is likely to attract more potential buyers than advertising a horse who has been on pasture rest for the past year. Additionally, a horse who can be presented under saddle will likely fetch a higher purchase price than that same horse would if not started back into work. Regular work also makes a horse fitter and more eye-catching, a fact which may help to draw the attention of multiple buyers.

Have Paperwork Ready

Before you advertise your horse, take the time to locate his registration papers and proof of ownership. In the event that there is immediate interest in your horse, you will want to be sure that all of the paperwork is in order. Locate records of his most recent vaccination history, and if your horse has any sort of a medical condition, you may also want to locate veterinary records pertaining to its diagnosis and treatment.

Additionally, prepare a list of any major awards or achievements that your horse has earned. If you’re selling a show horse, having a comprehensive show record on hand can help to drive interest. You may also want to include highlights of your horse’s achievements in his for sale ad.

Style the Horse Appropriately

Before you list your horse, take the time to make sure that he is styled appropriately for both his intended discipline and for his breed. If your horse would be shown with a pulled mane and clipped whiskers, take the time to replicate that show ring appearance.

Get Quality Photos

Once you have your horse styled and groomed, take the time to get high-quality photos. Your horse’s photo will be the first impression he makes on a potential buyer, so you want to be sure that the horse is displayed well. The same goes for taking video – if you plan to include video of your horse in his sale ads, then take the time to get a great video of your horse.

When you list your horse for sale, you’ll want to be prepared in case there’s quick interest in him. Take the time to make sure that you’re ready to go, so any potential sale can run smoothly.

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Original Source: Preparing a Horse for Sale

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