Are you lucky enough to have a senior horse in your barn? Senior horses are sometimes brushed over for younger, more energetic mounts. But senior horses have much to offer riders, especially to those of us who are young, inexperienced, or just looking to enjoy a relaxing ride. Senior horses are amazing because:

They Know the Drill

Senior horses have been there and done that. They have years of experience in the ring, at horse shows, and on the trails. By the time a horse reaches his twenties, he has seen a lot and probably doesn’t feel the need to get himself all worked up over everything. While many senior horses never lose their fire, an older horse is more likely to take changes and surprises in stride.

They are Talented

An older horse that has been trained and schooled for many years is invaluable for developing riders. Schoolmasters are often older horses and their talents can make them great teachers. A senior horse who knows his job can give a developing rider a chance to focus on his or her own riding, rather than focusing heavily on also training the horse at the same time. For more about schoolmasters and why you might want to ride one, read our blog post.

They Have Great Stories to Tell

Older horses often have rich histories. That senior horse in your barn may have had a fascinating competition life. Some senior horses are well traveled - finding out just where a senior horse has been can sometimes reveal fascinating information about his past.

They Can Bond Deeply with Riders

If you have owned your senior horse for most or all of his life, then you know well the depth of the bond that you can develop with an older horse. When you know and care for a horse for years, you share an understanding and bond that can only be created through sheer time.

They are Old Souls

Looking into the eyes of the senior horse can be like looking at your best friend. Senior horses have acquired wisdom through their years. Think about how much the world changes in 20 years - then think about the advancements made in horse training, horse care, and even veterinary technology. Your senior horse has been on quite a journey, and it’s this wisdom and experience that make senior horses so amazing.

So don’t glance over a senior horse just because of his age - that older horse may have a lot to offer you.

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