My recent attempt at BHS SM exam was not successful. I spotted the postman and as soon as I felt the envelope in my hand I knew. It was not heavy enough to be carrying a certificate. I thought the exam had gone well and felt confident. I knew I had made some mistakes and unfortunately they were enough. I have been rationalising with my disappointed self this week:

I started working full time with horses in October 2007 – 2 years ago which is not really that much time to get the experience necessary although I have covered a lot of ground!
I have only had the BHSII qualification for 6 months
There is plenty of time for retaking and regaining confidence, there really is no rush
So…ok. But am still sad. I think perhaps my goals and expectations were a little too high and therefore I am going to try to relax a little about studying and achievement. For the time being anyway.

Good news – I am hopefully starting at Hadlow College in the next couple of weeks, teaching students part time. I am very excited about this as the set up under Derek Payne seems superb and the facilities are fantastic. Hopefully I can get more involved as the months go on. I hope this is the start of an exciting chapter as I am proud to be back in Kent and involved in the local community.

I am also teaching at Coldblow Equestrian Training Centre on Sundays, focussing on the Stage 1 & 2 group from 10am. We also plan a Thursday evening PTT session 7-9pm starting in January. I am very pleased to have met Dora and Clara Pilkington. Clara has recently completed her BHSII and will be training for BHSI in the future.

This month I am off to Towerlands for a BSJA demo and then to Warwickshire for the BHS Coaching Convention. I hope to return full of ideas and inspiration for the winter months of teaching clients and students.

My next project really has to be to find some horses to ride and compete. I have so far concentrated on finding teaching work and now that is beginning to build, I must focus on continuing training myself. If I want to continue to help competition clients and also to work towards BHSI I must be out there myself. So perhaps on a freelance basis for clients who would like their horses fittened or competed. Or perhaps attaching myself to a yard, or a rider who needs some help with young horses or producing for sales. Any ideas, do get in touch! +44 (0)7796 958341

Anna is available for teaching, training and riding in the SE of England.

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Comment by Anna Trinder on November 9, 2009 at 5:56am
Hi Maria, thank you! Yes I did see that - it is interesting and good that they are making the qualification more accessible.
Love to Carrie xx
Comment by Maria C on November 9, 2009 at 3:28am
Hi Anna, Sorry you didn't get your SM qualification this time round but all that valuable experience will serve you well for the future.

Did you see in the latest issue of the BHS magazine that there is going to be a new coaching stream available from January 2010, whereby if you have your BHSII you can achieve a BHS Senior Coaching qualification (looks like the teaching bit of the BHSI) without first doing the Stable Managers and the Equitation bit. Maybe that would be worth looking out whilst you continue riding/competing and developing yourself.

(Interestingly enough anyone with Stages 1 and 2, PTT + portfolio of experience will be able to go on to intermediate and instructor level coaching qualifications without doing the riding and stable management bits).

Good luck with the new project.


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