This is a story of how physical comfort provided an opportunity for emotional recovery.  This is email from Rescue 100 that is located outside of Edmonton, Alberta.   August 4, 2011


You would not believe the transformation in our Rescue horses since we started using Fiske's for the mosquitoes. It has been truly amazing. We slowly and patiently worked with each horse to get close enough to rub on the salve as you had suggested. They were desperate for relief from the horrible mosquito conditions. We have horses that have not allowed us to physically touch them due to their past encounters with people. The more confident horses accepted our efforts to coat them in the salve and immediately found relief and were able to rest. The timid horses have been watching us closely and ever so slowly started to allow us to touch them with the cloths. The change in the trust level of the horses was an unexpected result of just trying to prevent them from being eaten by the bugs.


I simply cannot express to you the huge gratitude for providing the samples for us to use and your guidance along the way. I am moved to tears when I walk to the field now and the horses are so excited to see us, and they all come to the gate for some loving. The hands-on rubbing has transformed these horses forever. We are very excited because we have a wonderful family coming out on Saturday to take home up to 4 horses! Now that they are almost all approachable and can be touched from head to toe, we have a much better chance at placing them in new, forever homes.


We will continue to work with our two young Arabian fillies who will take a little longer to learn to trust.


Warm Hugs to you from all of us at Rescue 100!!




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