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Hope everyone is having a great weekend so far and staying dry during all the rain we've been having. This week's blog for Baker's is going to be dedicated to rider tidiness. As a rider, your coach and judges like when you are tidy and neat in both your horse's appearance as well as your own. It looks more professional to be well put together for both horse and rider, and in doing so makes your overall picture look very appealing. At Baker's, we have many products to help utilize a tidy and finished look for both you and your horse. The easiest way for a rider to look tidy is by wearing a hair net under your helmet. Whether you wear your hair up in your helmet or not, hairnets keep your hair together without pieces flying around. At Baker's, we have a wide selection of hairnets that are durable for ladies with thick hair, as well as hairnets to match the colour of your hair. The next way for riders to look tidy is to tuck your shirt into your breeches, and finish the look with a leather belt. We carry a wide selection of bejewelled belts, regular leather belts and many more to fit your style. The final way for riders to look tidy is to wear tall leather riding boots. Right now at Baker's, we have the Tuscany Field Boot on sale for $349.99 from $399.99. We have the Tuscany Field Boot in both black and brown, and both look super sharp! Check out photos on our twitter page and follow us at https://twitter.com/Bakerssaddlery for more info. For anymore ideas on rider tidiness any of our Baker's staff would be happy to help you so come in for a visit soon :) 

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