Rules Horses Teach Us (According to Taylor)

I wrote a blog recently about some of the "rules" that horses teach us. These are meant to be funny, in a true way. I decided to update it with a new blog featuring more "rules" Taylor has taught me. I know every horse is different and may have their own "rules" you have to follow. I would love to hear yours so please post some in the comments section! :)

Rules Horses Teach Us (According to Taylor):

  1. If you are my owner and bring me treats (as you should always do), they are MY treats. Do not share them with the other horses nearby. You are MY owner and those are MY treats. I do not want to share. Let their owners bring them their own treats. I will become very indignant with you for sharing. You have just cheated me out of a carrot, regardless of whether or not I have eaten every other one in the bag.
  2. I will stand quietly next to the mounting block while you climb up. However, I will "mistake" your foot sliding into the stirrup as an indication for me to take a step away to the right. I may do this a few times before you are successful at mounting me. I can't help the "confusion" and is a total reflection of something you are doing wrong, not me. I may accompany your mount with a sigh as well.
  3. It is possible I may give you the stink-eye when I see the saddle in your hands. I feel like you have tricked me. You brought me into the nice barn, spent a great deal of time grooming and pampering me, and NOW you want to ride? I will decide exactly how I feel about this when you are on my back.
  4. I actually do love you, and don't mind being affectionate with you. I love to bury my head in your chest and in your arms and the attention that you give me. I will be very sweet to you. But the minute someone is about to walk by our stall I will pull away and act very exasperated by all your doting. As long as they are around, I will keep nodding my head out of your reach. But when they leave and the coast is clear...I will come back into your arms. This way no one will ever believe the stories you tell about how sweet I am. I am a male after all.
  5. I will nicker in greeting most of the time but not ALL the time. I can't have you thinking that I'm happy to see you all the time...even though I probably am. Especially if I think you have a carrot stashed somewhere…
  6. If you give me hay and I am eating while you are grooming me, when you start brushing my right side, I might possibly kick at you. How do I know you aren't trying to get my hay? It tastes so good you might want a bite! Well it's mine and I'm just letting you know it's mine. If you brush my left side, that's ok. It's only the right side. Beware of the right side when I'm eating...brush at your own risk.
  7. If I see or hear a camera, I'm ready for my closeup. I love the camera and will always pose for it. I should've been a model.

Hope you enjoyed them! :)

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