Gastric Health

The fact that 60% of performance horses suffer from gastric ulcers reinforces the idea that the life of a show horse isn’t easy. Prescription medication, like GastroGard®, is the only way to heal an active ulcer. However, gastric health supplements, like G.U.T. and SmartGut®, can help maintain a healthy stomach before ulcers form or after a course of treatment.


If your horse gets loose stool every time you leave the property, a digestive supplement might be the answer. Providing prebiotics and probiotics with SmartDigest® or Proviable®-EQ can support a healthy hindgut.

For complete gastrointestinal support, consider SUCCEED® or SmartDigest® Ultra, both of which contain ingredients to support gastric and hindgut health.


Research has proven that stress compromises immune function. Travelling, competing and changing environments can all be very stressful for your horse, so it’s important to give his immune system the support it needs. SmartProtect® Ultra contains a blend of antioxidants, herbs and other ingredients to keep him going strong.

The adaptogenic herbs in APF provide potent antioxidant benefits and have been shown to improve cellular immune function in horses that have been stressed.


If you’re travelling for a competition or clinic, your horse is probably working harder and sweating more than he does at home. Plus, in new environments, horses can be reluctant to drink due to nervousness, or because the water tastes and smells different than it does back home.

But dehydration can have serious consequences, including fatigue, muscle stiffness and even colic. Add SmartLytes® or Apple-A-Day to encourage your horse to drink more, keeping him hydrated and healthy.

That Little Something Extra

Even if your horse’s current program has all of his bases covered, he can still benefit from targeted support when faced with stressful situations. Give SmartShip & Show Paste before, during and after events to help him cope the challenges that come with travel and competition. With electrolytes to ensure hydration, antioxidants to support a healthy immune system, and digestive ingredients to help keep his GI tract in balance, this paste could become your new favorite travel buddy!

Packing light just got easier!

Whether your heading out for a three-day clinic or three weeks on the circuit, you want to support your horse every step of the way.

But “50-pound bucket” and “packing light” just don’t go together. Who wants to lug buckets back and forth at the show grounds? Who wants to waste time preparing baggies, only to realize you didn’t make enough for the trip?

SmartPaks to the rescue!
SmartPaks are pre-made, travel- size and always ready to go. They give you peace of mind, save you time and can even save you money, especially now that SmartPaks over $40 ship free! To learn more, turn to the order form or head to

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