so now I'm known as the crazy horse lady at the office

Last week I had to go to a meeting in the city centre (I live in a small village on the outskirts). I also needed to collect a pallet of feed as my horses are trialling a new mix from Winergy. As the feed store is on the way, I decide to drive the horse lorry & grab the feed on the way home.

So picture me in a suit & high heels trying to park up a horse truck in the city centre! I'd also popped my dressage saddle in as I wanted the saddler to take a quick look. Well, I'd forgotten that the lock on the living quarters of the lorry is broken. I didn't want to leave the saddle on view in the cab so I had no choice but to go to the client's office, saddle under one arm, hand bag in the other.

Boy did I get some strange looks on the way! The receptionist was a total superstar & offered to stash the saddle behind her desk for me but I'm sure that office now refers to me as the crazy horse lady - oops!

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