Some Interesting Vaping Facts that You Must Know

Vaping is the latest trend and is actually the inhalation of a vaporized liquid straight from an electronic device. Vaping is not only prevalent among those trying to quit smoking the regular tobacco cigarettes but also, among the teenagers. Prevalence of vaping seems to be on the rise rapidly among young adults and teenagers across the world. This is a fact even though buying vape products before the age of 18 is illegal. However, many feel that vaping is an effective way of substituting the harmful smoking habit with a relatively healthier and risk-free process. Let us explore the actual facts about vaping and e-cigarettes.

Vaping and e-cigarettes are not completely risk-free.

Even though it has been accepted that vaping and e-cigarettes are relatively healthier and less harmful as compared to the usual tobacco-based cigarettes, there is actually no comprehensive proof that they are 100 percent safe for health. In fact, research is indicating that vaping may culminate in negative health implications such as the development of a cancerous tumor, damage to lungs, brain, and heart, and stillbirths or pre-term deliveries. Moreover, vaping could have an adverse impact on the development of a fetus’s lungs and brain.

E-Cigarettes do contain nicotine.

Using nicotine in whatever intensity and delivery process could boost the risk of unwanted addiction. We know that addiction to nicotine could be really tough to reverse. Often the habit of vaping could lead to increased chances of using drugs, alcohol, or other nicotine products.

E-cigarettes are not the guaranteed route to quitting smoking.

Vaping is often regarded as the alternative to conventional cigarettes when used as an effective replacement and exclusively among habitual smokers who have failed to quit smoking by using the medically proven and approved methods. But frankly speaking, there is not much evidence that would be really effective in reducing the degree of cigarette smoking or bringing about smoking cessation successfully. In reality, sometimes it has been seen that the nicotine present in vaping products and e-cigarettes could perpetuate addiction and that could make it even more difficult to quit smoking.

Vaping is not only for people who are thinking of quitting smoking.

Vaping is gaining traction by the day among the teens and the young adults who have actually never smoked the regular tobacco-based cigarettes. Research has revealed that some young adults started smoking cigarettes after getting into the habit of using e-cigarettes. In fact, you could say that some of them graduated from e-cigarette smoking to regular cigarettes.

Vaping is often used in conjunction with regular smoking.

A vape cigarette is often used along with traditional tobacco cigarettes. They are not always used as an effective replacement or substitution for tobacco cigarettes. They are often used in conjugation with regular or conventional cigarettes. Many people use e-cigarettes when smoking the traditional ones is not possible, particularly in public places where smoking is not convenient or not allowed. This may lead to a boost in total nicotine exposure and its hazardous effects.

Nicotine could adversely impact brain development in young people.

Young adults and teens are very much vulnerable to electronic cigarettes and other vaping devices. There are slightly more chances of getting addicted to nicotine at a relatively younger age. The brain in its development phase may be adversely impacted by vaping. We have enough evidence to demonstrate that nicotine is not only detrimental to health but it could also be disrupting healthy brain development and may be interfering negatively with effective long-term cognitive functioning. Moreover, vaping could boost the chances of a host of physical and mental health issues later in life.

Vaping devices & electronic cigarettes are actually not FDA approved.

E-cigarettes and all other vaping-associated devices are actually not officially approved by the FDA or the US Food & Drug Administration as the official smoking cessation aid. Only in the recent past, the distributors and manufacturers of electronic cigarettes and all other vaping aids were stipulated by the FDA regulations and standards of safety relating to smoked tobacco products. However, even though the new set of regulations are in place, the e-cigarette manufacturers could take the liberty of promoting their products as risk-free and they often provide enticing candy-type flavors to lure young adults, adolescents, and children too.

Different vaping products lack consistency.

Due to restricted federal oversight over electronic cigarettes and all other vaping aids, it becomes rather difficult to evaluate the dangers and risks of a particular product. Moreover, there exists a lot of inconsistency across products. We have noticed a significant variation in the concentration and nature of the components and active ingredients including nicotine or other known toxins.

An Aerosol may not be safe.

Currently, there is an increasing concern among health professionals about the long-term health implications of aerosolizing nicotine or some other chemicals present in e-cigarettes and all other vaping aids. The additives, ultrafine particles, heavy metals, and some other components may be containing carcinogens and toxins.

The growing use of e-cigarettes could be contributing to the re-normalization of smoking.

There has been a steady rise in the use and popularity of vaping and this fact along with their widespread and easy availability seem to be reversing the progress that had been achieved after decades of dedicated national, local, and global endeavors for reducing cigarette smoking particularly among kids and young adults.


E-cigarettes are frequently used among youths and as per the findings of recent research and latest studies, around 3 million adolescents are in the habit of vaping. E-cigarette juices actually are available in a host of enticing fruit flavors and other much-loved flavors such as coffee, chocolate, or candy. Most of these e-juices contain some amount of addictive ingredient like nicotine. Vaping is recommended in people who have been smoking the traditional tobacco cigarettes all their life and if you are keen on getting rid of the habit, you could consider vaping as a healthier substitute. However, young people and teens must try to avoid getting into the habit of vaping as it could get addictive. Statistics reveal that a whole lot of young kids are hooked on to vaping. However, recent studies have proved that e-cigarettes are definitely less toxic and less hazardous as compared to the traditional ones.

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