Well, we had a great time at the Bruce Springsteen concert, but then how could big fans like us not?  Three solid hours of rock and roll.  There’s nothing like one of his concerts.  I went with my boyfriend and his 2 daughters.


To keep this blog horse related, did you know that his daughter rides and shows?  This could be why some of the songs he’s written in the last few years mention horses. 


One song is titled “My silver palomino” who is “Sixteen hands from her withers to the ground” and there is “Outlaw Pete” where Pete stole a Mustang pony and was pursued by a man on an Irish stallion.  “There's a pale horse comin'” in “Dead Man Walking.  “Her Appaloosa's kickin' in the corral smelling rain” in “Dry Lightning.”


I’m sure there are more, too, but these are the ones that come to my mind.


We got home pretty late—mostly because of the parking garage—we lost the car in it.  It was pretty funny.  We were one of the last cars to leave.  As I walked into the door, I heard another beautiful voice singing—Thunder!  He was so glad to see me.  He hates when I come home late—and I sure do get a greeting.

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Comment by Judi Daly on April 23, 2012 at 4:51pm

Clarence's nephew, Jake Clemons, was the saxophonist.  He did a supurb job filling his uncle's shoes.  He had the talent and the stage presence of Clarence--and the audience accepted him enthusiastically.


Bruce did a tribute to Clarence and Danny Federici early in the show.  During the encore, he paused during "Tenth Avenue Freezeout"  Just after the line "The Bigman joined the band."  Then, on the big screen, they showed many pictures of Clarence from through the years.  The applause was deafening--and I don't think there was a dry eye in the place.

We will all miss him, but in a way it was like he was still there.

The concerts get better over the years.  If you have a chance to see him, again, take it.  It was a night that I will never forget--as well as the 6 other times I have seen him.

Comment by Barbara F. on April 18, 2012 at 8:04pm

Ahhhh! I thouhgt you meant the Boss when you said you had a date with Bruce!! How great is he??? I've been going to his concerts since university and now I've got my eldest daughter loving his music too.

What was it like without Clarence? I would miss the sound of that sax during Thunder Road.

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