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This week's blog is going to be about proper tack cleaning and tack care. Being a tack shop providing a variety of leather goods, it is important to know how to properly maintain your equipment. Taking good care of your tack and leather goods keeps it in good condition for a longer period of time, makes it appear new and prevents leather from tearing, ripping etc. As much as we all dread cleaning our tack, it is a crucial part of the sport because our riding equipment is pricey and we want it to last us a long time! 

Firstly, knowledge about leather is a great way to understand why it needs proper cleaning and conditioning. Leather is not man made, it is animal skin. The chemical components would be those naturally found in skin, just like ours. This being said, since leather is natural and not manufactured, it is vital to take good care of it. For proper leather maintenance, there are three types of cleaners that are generally used. They include: leather cleaners, leather conditioners, and leather waterproofing products. The best way to clean tack is by first using leather cleaners to remove any dirt and debris. If your tack after use has any dirt or debris on the surface make sure you immediately whip it off because if they remain on the surface of the leather for a long time, it can cause your tack to crack and breaks the protective outer coating.  The next step is to use a leather conditioner to moisturize the leather for durability and suppleness. Depending on the type of leather tack you are cleaning, it is also beneficial to condition with a waterproofing product at the very end to keep your leather protected from any rain or snow.  At Baker's, we have a variety of tack cleaners and conditioners available for you. Some of our best sellers and most popular products for tack cleaning are: Lexol tack cleaning soap and conditioners, Passier conditioners and Fiebing's glycerine saddle soap. 

Here are some images of tack cleaning products at Baker's :) 

Cleaning leather products the right way is absolutely vital if you want to maintain its sheen and suppleness. Proper tack cleaning extends the life of the leather products, so try to give your tack the proper cleaning it deserves at least once a month. If you have any questions about leather or cleaning techniques, ask us on your next visit or by giving us a call at (905) 887-9441 

Have a great rest of your weekend everyone :) 

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