A friend of mine just adopted a dog called Bobo that was rescued from a hoarding situation.  He was one of 16 dogs being kept in a basement, belonging to an elderly couple, and when the husband died, animal control was called in to find homes for the dogs.  Bobo we think is a Siberian Husky/lab cross, and he has one blue eye and one brown eye.  He arrived at the house a month or so after being rescued, but he had to leave the dog he was used to living with, so of course he is insecure and not too sure of people  .I had previously connected with him telepathically witha photograph,  to tell him about our house, the dog he would meet and all the people who live here.  I wanted to make his transition as stress free as possible.  I also asked my dog to accept the new comer and help him settle in.  Max  my big Mastiff/ Lab cross is a big softie, and gave Bobo a warm welcome, if somewhat slobbery!

I noticed that Bobo was a worrying type of dog, and sometimes would howl and  bark for no apparent reason, just stress.  After a 24 hour period of letting him settle in a bit, and listening to him whine and howl the best part of his first night with us, I decided to tune in and ask what was going on.  Bobo told me he likes his new home but is not sure of himself or people.  There are issues with men as he showed me mental images of him being dragged by the neck as discipline for something he was supposed to be doing wrong, he didn't understand why.  He never got enough to eat with that many dogs around and was always hungry.  Bobo was just not grounded and very much disconnected mentally from his body, so I asked permission to do some healing on him.  Dogs, in fact all animals, who live with dysfunctional people carry the energy with them and they don't know how to get rid of it.  They carry the emotional burdens that people unknowingly dump on them and Bobo was depressed because of the situation he came from, and had lived in since he was a puppy.  He did not know what it is like to be a happy balanced dog in a loving home.  My dog Max is so different, he is grounded, calm assertive and very tuned in to me as he has never been in an unbalanced situation, and I asked for his help to teach Bobo not to worry so much.


So yesterday morning Bobo got his first healing session from me.  The dog sat and put his head in my lap, and I just asked Guides and Angels to help this dog calm down, not worry and be able to trust the people who live in his new home. I ran energy through his body and cleared the fear, asking for it to be transformed into loving energy, the dog was half asleep as the burdens of negativity lifted from him.  He sighed and then went and slept for nearly an hour, totally relaxed and exhausted after having the worry released, the effect is tiredness from deep relaxation.  Bobo is a different dog today, just 2 days after arriving here.  He leans on Max for emotional support and he has calmed right down, no more barking and howling and running around for no reason.  It's a good feeling to be able to help an animal drop their stress, as I have had much practice at this with all the hundreds of rescue and abused horses I have worked with over the years.  They have been my greatest  teachers, and I know how animals can take on the stress and illnesses of the people they live with, so if you think you are not passing on your issues to your animals, think again!  This is my job in life now, to help owners and their animals find balance in life, and release the stress and negative energy so both can live a happy and balanced life together.  Until next Monday which is my Blog day, this is Ann saying " walk Good" until we meet again.

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