The Gentleness of a Sweet Horse to his Person. :)

Where to start on a thread where nobody knows you, but you do have a history. :) Maybe this will be the dumbest thing you ever read....

I guess I will just start with last night when I went out to tend to my 4 year old Mustang Oliver and a swollen sheath. His winky wanker wasn't even coming out for him to pee... I was concerned, the area was warm... I tried a few things unsuccessfully and I let him be. Thought about it some more... "how can I get close enough to him to touch it and clean it out for him, or at least run water on it" He is lifting his back leg to hit it.... so I don't want to get too close... not me, the sheath... like kicking at his stomach area. I generally don't tie him down because of a lot of reasons that you don't have the history on, and we do everything at liberty and I've touched and cleaned him many times before. He is very gentle and sweet with me...

I thought. I'll put him in this first stall.... he'll be between me and the wall and I will feed him. :) and just do my usual thing of cleaning him with the excalibur.

More history... during another recent episode when he was scared or mad he came into a person with his hip, aggressively.... I've seen it.... he does get riled up over people he does not know, like... etc.... and if he has pain he's a baby....

last night with me though, he swung his hip away from me, the stuff, my hand, the entire thing..... then he pushed me with his head.... like, no, please don't..... I tried again, and he pushed me away again.... I could tell he was trying to hold it together and not be mean to me..... he has never bit or kicked... ever.

The relationship with the horse is so intriguing to me..... and this horse I've mothered since he was 8 weeks old. That is just how I say it because he had no mother... he was orphaned. Another part of a long history. I've worked on touching him a zillion times before, everywhere.... he and I have come to trust one another and eventhough he trusted me last night, I had to let him go before it got to anything more escalated because in his sweet Oliver way, he was saying no.... and I listened to him..... why piss him off when he's already bugged by something in his winker wanker area... where he has to pee.... it is such a helpless feeling though to want to help and that they won't always let you..... they are stubborn in that way aren't they? They don't always know what is possibly best for them....

anyway, didn't mean to start out with a story about sheath cleaning, but I don't usually have too much drama with my horse, he's never really been injured.... I just guess my point is that he wouldn't have responded as nicely to anyone else as he did to me.... he went out of his way to not be aggressive, to gently let me know what I was doing was not okay with him....

I'm so glad this morning he's better and the swelling is down.... today I think I'll get him a little more used to the hose and maybe I can run it on him and see if he likes that. :)

I'm almost wondering if he got bit or stung.

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Comment by Mel Richardson on April 25, 2011 at 8:06pm

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Comment by Jennifer Lamm on September 17, 2009 at 9:49pm
Neice. I'd live to try clicker training with Oliver:)
Comment by Jennifer Lamm on September 17, 2009 at 9:37pm
Hey. :). Geez my horse doesn't kick. I am so glad
you should see what Oliver did do to the vet. I had him tied and he went for doc with the chest and teeth and ears pinned. He kicked Oliver and told me to calm down and even said later to my trainer that he backed right down. Another long story ago steve my trainer told me I didn't trust my horse and he did not believe that Oliver had these outbursts till he saw it himself. He would not let my Brice near him when he innocently tried to put her up there. He said aaaaaa. No. Steve couldn't believe it. He was shocked. I laughed at him. This is the horse you told me to trust. I told you he got goofy with strangers. With me and steve he is so docile. Isn't that just curious. I have other stories too. Of bonding with horses. It's
my favorite part of having them.
Comment by Jennifer Lamm on September 13, 2009 at 11:34am
The more I think about it the more I think he was stung or bit... :) Last night he was in a rowdy mood.... and not the sweetheart I was writing about above, LOL....
Comment by Jennifer Lamm on September 12, 2009 at 2:04pm
No, not yet.... that is my next move. :) he doesn't like the vet at all though... the vet would probably just give him a tranquilizer and I'd still have to clean it myself. I did call Steve, my trainer to come and hold him for me. We usually try things ourselves first...
Comment by Over Fences on September 12, 2009 at 1:13pm
Hi, Jenn

I've always found them more tolerant when their sick or injured. Even mean ones I've had (and yes there are mean everythings) are very grateful and experience a great new level of bonding from being babied or doctored, and I'm not saying you horse is a meanie.

But maybe this sheath situtation can get you some mom points. Did you call the vet?

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