Your child will never misbehave again!


This video was sent to us from a reader (we didn’t get a chance to ask if it was ok to use their name prior to posting – but if the person who sent this to us sees this post and wants to de-anonymize themselves, go for it!).  And let’s just say it, we’re all thinking it: She had it comin’!


There are two ways to look at this video: From the point of view of a parent, or from the point of view of a horse lover.  Let’s start with the parent, shall we?


What parent hasn’t (likely on more than a few occasions) been just a tad fed up with their spawn offspring?  While we would never condone hitting a child, don’t you kind of wish this horse was your child’s nanny?


Point of view number 2: The Horse Lover


No decent person likes to see a horse treated poorly (if you do, please send us your full contact information because we have a few things we want to say/do to you).  Unfortunately there’s no background information with this video, but it appears the horse is just standing there, hanging out on a nice, sunny day, when out of nowhere this little girl comes and decides to hit and then push him!  Now, I don’t know about you but I sure as hell wouldn’t put up with that.  Why should a horse?  And when he had so many other options open to him, he really did choose the nicest one – he didn’t rear or try to kick her, he merely did what amounts to pulling her hair.


So, to this horse, wherever you are, we salute you!  Keep up the good work!

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