It's been a crazy week around here.  Havoc got his very first set of front shoes ever.  The smoke is different when it's billowing out between *your* front legs, apparently.  We have an excellent farrier, and Havoc actually mostly took it like man!  Not a damned thing when the nails went in.  I am sure may people just think that my boy came out being a solid citizen, but there was quite a bit of work that has gone into that kid.  I whacked his feet with a hoof pick since he was a baby.  He's been handled so much, he's pretty compliant, probably in good part because nothing bad has ever happened to him at the hands of a human.  I went to put him back out, shortly after I arrived at the new barn, and didn't even think about it, I took him out through the human door next to the overhead door... he barely even hesitated.  His mother is much the same.  I hope I can keep him like this.

So, he worked most days this week, but it's a bit hard sometimes when you are at a facility and going in the evening... there was a horse bucking on the longe line the one day, she left before my trainer got on him, which was kind of her.  Havoc didn't actually seem to care in the least.  But another woman came in with her horse and was 'doing ground work' with him.  There's a reason that's in quotes.  I have no issue with doing ground work with a horse, that's what we've done ad nauseum with Havoc... but when you give a signal and they do nothing, that's not the same thing.  So, she's got a longe whip and my trainer is on the baby... she got too close, and he's very sensitive about whips, so he tucked that tushie under and scooted.  He was good, it just was sub optimal. 

Another day, same people about, so we decided just to longe him and introduce him to side reins... what a non-event.  He'd had long leather western reins under his girth, same sort of effect, but if he panicked, they'd slide out.  So he knew what the score was.  Very good child.  We're now tightening up his nose band so he quits bracing and opening and just gets on with it.  He doesn't do it too much, and most of the time he just gently chews on it and he's salivating nicely.  He just thinks it's bullshit, really.

But, he did have a great ride on Thursday, walk/trot, both directions, we'll put the stand in on him next week while I'm gone, put the canter on him, and he's 'broke'.  It's hard for me to imagine, it seems like just yesterday he came shooting out, a teeny little fragile guy.

Miss Mo has been good this week too.  She's who she is, and I'm just not going to change it, and I don't want to.  She's improved my riding immensely.  She is talented enough to come out and do 2nd level this year, but if she's not going to stay down and semi-calm during a test, she'll be my training horse at home.  I'll have enough to do taking Havoc to shows anyway.  I wish people would accept horses for who they are more often.  I understand we all have goals, I do.  And maybe you need to move a horse on if it's not going to meet those.  I guess I have the luxury of keeping more than one, and having my competitive prospect looking like he'll be fantastic, and I have Mo to work on ME. 

Last night a woman who had seen Havoc working asked me if I'd brought him over from Germany (she knew he was part German riding pony).  I admit it, it was flattering.  Right or wrong, there's a certain quality that is inferred if you bring a horse over. And he is lovely, but that could be a Mom's bias kicking in...

I'm off again for work this coming week, gotta keep the cash flowing... Havoc has certain expectations!

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