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Halloween is almost here, and October horse shows bring with them all sorts of fun costume classes for both horses and riders. But designing a costume for a horse is a bit different from designing a costume for a human. Looking to design a great horse Halloween costume? Here’s how.

Consider Your Horse's Character

Before you begin planning the costume, think about the horse that will be wearing it. Is the horse reactive or nervous when exposed to new objects like umbrellas or tarps? Then you’ll need to get creative in designing a fun costume that your horse can still be comfortable wearing. If you’re working with a bombproof horse who doesn’t blink at anything, then you’ll have a little more flexibility in your costume design and can let your creative juices flow.

Think Safety

Whenever you create a costume, make an effort to include safety release features in each piece. For instance, if the costume involves draping and securing material across your horse’s back and neck, make sure that if the horse panics, whatever strap you use will break away to help avoid injury.

Incorporate a Helmet

If you will be riding your horse while wearing the costume, then it’s a good idea to design the rider’s costume so that a helmet is included. You can always cover your helmet with different material to disguise it. Using an old helmet cover provides an easy way to temporarily secure items to your helmet. If you have a helmet with a plastic shell, you can always tape decorations on, too.

Think Outside the Box

Some of the best costumes arise when riders turn their horses into completely unexpected objects – bulldozers, dinosaurs, and even elephants have all made successful horse costumes in the past. While keeping your costume horse-themed is always fun, don’t be afraid to stray from the traditional ideas for something more unusual – sometimes those costumes are some of the best.

Keep the Costume Close

Safety can be a problem when costumes get long and loose – a sensitive horse may spook at the fact that a costume shifts around him as he walks. Generally, designing a costume so that it holds fairly tight to the horse’s body and doesn’t shift around too much is a good idea, especially when working with a horse who might be unsettled. Always do a “test ride” with the costume before the show to check for any safety or design problems.

Most importantly of all, start working on the costume early so that you have plenty of time to adjust for any problems you might encounter. Good luck at the show!

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