Are you planning to include a grooming stall in your barn? Grooming stalls are great to have, since they can keep horses out of busy barn aisles, but a grooming stall is only as good as the planning that goes into it. Consider the following when planning your grooming stall.

Find the Right Location

If possible, try to locate the grooming stall in a quieter area of your barn. It’s handy to have the stall near the exit to the riding ring, but most importantly, try to locate the stall in an area where it’s easily navigated but also out of the way.

Build the Stall as Large as Possible

When using a grooming stall, a rider will generally have to navigate between the horse and the surrounding stall walls. The more space that you can provide in the grooming stall, the better. There’s nothing worse (or more dangerous) than trying to work in a tight, cramped grooming stall where both the horse and rider have little space to move or avoid each other. When planning your grooming stall, be generous with the space that you allow – you won’t regret it.

Provide Safe Footing

Make sure that the footing in the grooming stall is safe and provides excellent traction. Using rubber stall mats or rubber aisle pavers can ensure that both horse and rider have excellent grip while in the stall, and these surfaces are also forgiving and cushioning.

Create Areas for Grooming Tool Storage

It’s important to have a way to store grooming tools where they’re easily accessible, but are also out of the way. Small baskets or totes can be stored on shelves, but you might also consider creating small boxes directly in the side of the grooming stall itself.

Use Breakaway Ties

Securing your horse with crossties in the grooming stall can help ensure that he stays properly positioned. Be sure to use breakaway ties so that your horse can free himself in the event that he panics or becomes caught up while in the stall.

Locate a Saddle Rack Nearby

A saddle rack and a hook for the bridles is a necessary addition to any grooming stall, and will speed along the tacking up and untacking process. Consider using a collapsible saddle rack to save space. If the bridle rack is located in an area that the horse could access, then cover any sharp edges or hooks or use a bridle rack made of flexible, safe rubber.

A grooming stall is a wonderful luxury to have in your barn. The better that you plan out the grooming stall, the more pleased you will be with the results.

Original Source: Tips for Designing an Ideal Grooming Stall

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