Top New Year's Resolutions for Horseback Riders

Are you still searching for that perfect New Year’s resolution? We’re here to help. These New Year’s resolutions can work for many riders – hopefully you’ll find an idea in this list that inspires you as we kick off 2015!

Become Physically Fitter

While losing weight is a popular New Year’s resolution, resolve instead to improve your health and become fitter. Improving your overall health and physical condition will improve your performance as an athlete, making you a better and more effective rider. We’re always concerned with keeping our horses in good physical condition, so make this a year that you also focus on your own health.

Ride Without Stirrups Once a Week

If you participated in no-stirrup November, then you already know the positive effects that working without stirrups can have on you as a rider. Riding without stirrups improves your overall strength and position, making you a more effective and secure rider. Make it your resolution to work without stirrups at least once a week – and if you’re feeling really ambitious, increase that to two or three times each week.

Ride New Horses

There are so many benefits to riding different horses. When riding new horses you have to adjust your style to accommodate their quirks and responsiveness. Riding new horses makes you more aware of your own strengths and weaknesses as a rider, and new horses really make you think about training, riding, and how to convey your desires accurately. After riding a new horse, you are more likely to appreciate your own. For 2015, make it a goal to ride a different horse at least a few times a month.

Renovate Your Barn

Slippery flooring, dark stalls, and the absence of a wash stall are all aspects that can be easily improved by renovating your barn. Renovating a barn is an excellent New Year’s resolution, since it can make the barn safer, healthier for your horses, and even increase your property value or enable you to ask a higher board rate.

Check Paddock Fences Monthly

Fence maintenance is one chore that is often ignored, yet your horse’s safety depends on it. For your New Year’s resolution, check paddock fences at least once a month during 2015. It’s not difficult – just walk the perimeter of the fences looking for areas that are weakened, broken, or need to be repaired, and fix them. You will be rewarded by knowing that your horse’s paddock is safe and secure.

What horse-related New Year’s resolutions have worked well for you in the past? We wish you and your horses a happy and healthy New Year!

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