Trouble in you canter transitions- Part 2- questions about physical issues.

Yesterday I posted a blog about rider and training issues concerning your horses canter departs. Today i will be addressing a second list of questions you should ask your self and your veterinarian to help rule out physical issues that could be preventing your horse from cantering comfortably. Many times the bad behavior of your horse is directly related to pain and discomfort.

This second list should prompt you to ask about physical and external issues. An examination or two from your Veterinarian will help you rule out any of the following questions. Chiropractic and massage treatments with a qualified professional can also help get to the ROOT of the problem.

1. Does my horse need his teeth floated?

2. Does my saddle fit correctly?

3. Is the footing agitating my horse?

4. Is my horse cold backed?

5. Does my horse canter easily on the lounge line?

6. Is my horse muscle sore?

7. Does my horse have back or neck pain?

8. Am I using an appropriate girth for my horses conformation?

9. Are my horses feet sore?

10. Is this behavior happening all the time or during my mares heat cycle?

This list is by no means a complete list of questions, each horse should have its own observation by a veterinarian, but is may help prompt you to observe some of these issues so that when your vet arrives, you can help him with history and answers to help him get to the bottom of your horses discomfort. For example, if you have a mare, and your vet asks you is she worse during her heat cycle, you should know the answer. If you have not logged her behavior both in out out of heat, your vet will have to ask you that question next month after she has cycled again. Therefore wasting another month and more money and time for your horse.

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