Well I have had a busy few weeks since Dijon the "hony" came to the indoor.

Heather did the first few weeks of backing and then I had to take over working all the ponies. Heather's done an excellent job on Contessa. Dijon and Mark are both steady enough at the walk and trot for this mid-40 rider to feel safe and comfortable on.

After a week off due to my allergies making me dizzy and queasy, I was back in the saddle today. Warming up with Contessa to get my muscles and reflexes awake again, I then rode Mark. We even managed a couple of strides for his first canter. He started on the wrong lead, automatically swtiched to the correct lead but threw in a small buck at the same time, we quickly stopped as he had accomplished 4-6 strides which is all I wanted him to do for the first time. He now gets until tomorrow to think about things.

Dijon has already had his first "accidental" canter with Heather so I don't need to worry about that yet. Again another well balanced animal. His only problem is focus and not trying to tell me what we should be doing.

Top Brass is working well longeing and now long lining. We even longlined at the trot for a couple of steps today. Not bad for a pony we only start working on a few short weeks ago. Charles on the other hand is a different kettle of fish. We now have him convinced to lunge without dragging me around the arena at all 3 speeds. I'd like his WHOA a bit more automatic but not sure if that will happen. He does stop it just takes him more strides than I'd prefer (I want no motion 1 stride after I holler WHOA!).

All in all a good morning - even Peanut drove like a superstar despite everyone feeling the "spring fever" with the warm weather.

On top of all this I have now finished the final touches on the Pony Breeders of Ontario show - officials, prize list, entry form. On top of that we have our website up and running. Later today I have to finish the promotional flyer to be handed out at the Guelph Community Equine Extravaganza on Sun, March 14. Enough goofing off and back to serious work.

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