What Your Trainer Wants to See In Your Barn's Design

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As you start planning out your dream barn, you’ll want to include all of the features that you have dreamed about having in your own barn. But there’s another person who will likely use your barn on a regular basis: Your trainer. While your barn needs to work for your needs, it also needs to work for your trainer. Have you thought about what you trainer wants to see in your barn’s design?

Large Stalls

Any trainer will be appreciative of a barn that has large horse stalls. Larger stalls help to keep horses comfortable, and allow horses to move around a bit. This ability to move can help horses to recover after workouts, leaving them well rested and ready for their next ride or training session!

Safe Turnout Areas

There’s nothing more frustrating than having to halt the progress you’re making with a horse due to an unnecessary pasture injury. Your trainer will want to see that your barn has safe turnout areas to reduce the chance of your horse being injured in turnout. Strong, visible fences without any sharp edges, good footing, and adequate space for every horse on your property will help to keep your horse safe.

Properly Sized Indoor Riding Arena

The presence of a properly sized indoor arena is vital to year-round training when you live in a climate with a harsh winter. Your trainer will be glad to have an indoor arena available! If you want to keep your trainer even happier, then make sure that the indoor arena can be accessed from within the barn. Cold walks outside in the snow and rain to get to the indoor are unpleasant for anyone.

Properly Sized Outdoor Arena

Your trainer will also want to see a properly sized outdoor arena. When you bring your horse to a show or event, he'll be confronted with all kinds of distractions when he’s asked to perform outdoors. This transition is far easier if you have an outdoor arena back home where you can train your horse to focus despite wind, birds, far-away sights, and other distractions.

Round Pens

A round pen is an excellent training tool, and many trainers will appreciate having a round pen available when they need it. Round pens are particularly helpful when training young horses, though it can also be helpful for teaching riders skills such as improving balance and developing a deep seat.

When you take your trainer's desires for your barn into consideration, you may end up with a barn which pleases the both of you!

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