Hey guys! I figure I should start using this as a place to just throw down some words about my horse career as it goes along.

Currently, I am the livery manager at a wedding venue in a small town, Southern Ontario, Canada. I am responsible for the upkeep of two Percheron geldings, their tack and vehicles. I drive the team for weddings, delivering brides and bridesmaids to their wedding then taking the newly wed couple for a short jaunt into town and back right after their ceremony. I also am about to begin carriage rides around town and somewhat of a taxi service on Friday nights and weekends without weddings.

Our first wedding of the season is this coming Saturday and the boys are near ready. Myself and another hand have been polishing brass for the past two weeks in attempts at creating mirrors out of the furnishings on the harness. I was set to work with only Brasso for the first week and thankfully my boss has purchased Flitz (God himself designed this polish, I'm sure) for the last week. I will take the time to say if you have any large amount of brass or metal to polish, Flitz is the way to go. The extra money spent on the polish will save you hours of polishing with other polishes, not to mention it will save quite a few brain cells as it is not a strong smelling polish like many brass polishes are.

Tomorrow evening will be spent tidying up the boys; doing their feathers and bridle paths for a fresh look. The barn will need a wipe down as guests are welcome to look around and as in all barns, dust settles on near everything.

Thankfully after this wedding there is a three week break between weddings and we will be able to have the harnesses sent in for small repairs, the tongues of the carriage straightened and pick up some supplies that have been pushed to the sidelines due to major renos in the barn and much work to be done after a long winter.

I will look forward to Sunday when the mad dash to the first wedding is over!

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Comment by Chuck Bartok on June 7, 2014 at 12:56pm

Thanks for sharing.....writing about your experiences is of Benefit to all.
The Reader and YOU!

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