William Micklem offers TEN LITTLE BEAUTIES

So sad to hear that Oki Doki is no longer with us….who needs cheering up? The great thing about age is the ability to enjoy the little equine things that possibly were once hidden by the pursuit of rosettes in earlier days:

1 – Admiring the view. ‘Snaffles’ the famous equestrian artist said that the view between a horse’s pricked ears was “the finest view in Europe” and this Argentine vista is also hugely impressive.

2 – Hearing my daughter’s pony nicker the moment I open the front door of my house in the morning." He is a 30 year old Kerry Bog pony, and a King among equines with enough enthusiasm and joie de vivre to brighten any day.

3 – Watching my daughter’s pony canter joyfully away into the field in the morning…..and then canter back in the evening.

4 – Finishing putting on a set of boots without putting my back out……a healthy reminder that horses need good physical conditioning programs as young horses to build up their core strength and allow them ‘through’ in the backs.

5 – Watching a child hug their pony….a huge benefit to both child and adult.

6 – Seeing a well fitting Micklem bridle ….it is a source of pride to me of course but more importantly a source of comfort for the horse.

7 – Hearing a horse squeal on landing after a fence … and hoping that any subsequent joyful buck won’t unseat the rider!

8 – Watching the owner’s face rather than the horse as the horse performs faultlessly in a special competition….or similarly the loyal groom hiding behind a tent pole.

9 – Feeling the water on my face as I ride through leaves after a rain storm….’soft’ rain is a greatly underrated riding weather.

10 – Going to bed knowing that all the gates are shut.

Dream onwards! William


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Comment by Donna Douglas on August 1, 2010 at 6:46am
Smile! (:
Comment by 4XChestnut on July 24, 2010 at 11:37pm
11. Going for a moolight ride in new fallen snow.

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