This is my first blog entry, but a good place for me to start at this point in my 5 year training. I grew up in a classroom roundpen situation with my two horses, Toby and Oliver. Over the last five years I've not ridden as much as I've worked on trying to have a relationship with my horses, learn equine language and live in a herd with my two horses. I feel like a girl at 4H, as a 44 year old woman with Toby delivered to me and me realizing that horses were really strange to me, ominous almost, scary and I knew not squat about dealing with them. Thankfully my trainer got me down off my horse the first time I met him and he introduced me to joining up, directing and driving from the ground and how to manage my horse on foot.... my baby horse Oliver, I was raising from a 2 month old but we had no relationship... I had known him for 4 years but did not work with him, left him up to my trainer, ignored him basically while working with my other horse and left him in the capable hands of my trainer who rides him 4 days a week.... he's a gentle horse, but I just had no communication with him at all.

Enter my point here of working on myself.... With the discovery of C.Irwins tapes, I became to understand how to speak to my horse.... While I enjoyed learning about what my horse was saying, I was more intrigued with what I was saying to my horse, how not to be rude, intimidating, predator like, etc...... and how to be more driven and focused in my asking and my consistency.

I must say that another beautiful tool I got from Chris was that if my horse is a number 4 in the domination game, I only need to be a 5..... OMG, my young horse, he puts up a tantrum for like 2 seconds and then he totally submits... I would have missed that if it weren't for my watching of the roundpenning videos of Chris.

I am really on a quest to work on myself to be an excellent horseperson and I will use my blog to bore all of ya all's with my lessons to date..... My journey is with my newly joined up 4 year old mustang Oliver and our journey into our new lessons of roundpenning, obstacles and the groundwork that I am going to do with him so that I can move up to bareback riding, and then trailriding and camping with my horse....

Toby and I have learned alot together, all of which I've been blogging on for the past 5 years.... I let him take it easy now. He's 28... he taught me to ride.... and do all of the joining up and bonding with him... I hope to ride Oliver and let Toby pony along with us whereever we shall go....

Happy Trails,


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Comment by Michele Jones on March 13, 2011 at 9:29pm
Hey Jen, Sounds like your doing everything the right way and the safe way. The only thing I wouldn't do is pony an older horse, or any other horse with me while I'm training a youngster. I like All My Focus and Attention on the young horse I am working with. Enjoy and be safe>>Happy Trails>>

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