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At 9:17am on August 11, 2009, Julie Dombrowski said…
I'm going to guess it's not as hot here as it is there. However we have been having some of the hottest days of the season lately. Yes 90 is sweltering for Ohio Lol. Here's hoping that it cools down for the weekend I have a show. That book sounds like it's a very good guide I may have to go out and pick up a copy. Although we have sort of put the jumping on the back burner, I'm trying to concentrate on Dressage that and Showoff is 20 already and I don't want to push him to the point of injury. Maybe (if I'm really lucky) I'll be able to ride magic or boogey they both are able to jump but we'll see. Good luck I don't know you all that well but I know that you will be able to do this I have hope.

I suppose I should get back to work.

Talk to you later and take care,


P.S. I was going to send this as an email but for whatever reason it wouldn't let me send. (stupid computer)
At 3:04pm on July 22, 2009, Julie Dombrowski said…
unfortunately my maybe is a HUGE maybe, we're really concentrating on Dressage, besides the horse I ride is 20 years old so we're not so sure we could do it without injuring him. But you need to keep me updated I really want to jump but there is only one horse in our barn currently that is able and I don't think I'll be riding her anytime soon. She's pretty strong (I don't have a death wish) Lol.
At 5:12am on July 21, 2009, Courtney.M said…
i bet you do miss him ALOT..
i love arabs too..

Court xoxo
At 1:30pm on July 20, 2009, Gail Morse said…
I think that would be a good idea and I accept your invitation. Gail Morse
At 5:10am on July 20, 2009, Courtney.M said…
well thanks.
do u still hve tht horse??
and i will never give up on my horses if i do i am crzy and mad..
they mke my life much more easier and better..
At 7:04pm on July 19, 2009, Barbara Sky Horse said…
Thanks Jackie,
Yes, I have Loads of "PAST" experience, but the experience I have, is NOTHING as compared to the Knowledge, Wisdom, and Experience of So Many of the Barnmice members.
This place is Honestly Just Amazing to me!!!
~ Barby
At 3:12pm on July 19, 2009, William Micklem said…
Hi Jackie...thanks for your comment re breeding....your support is appreciated..William
At 1:22pm on July 19, 2009, Your Equine Source said…
"Hi" Jackie...Thanks!! Please feel free to ask our "Foot Doctor" any questions you may have about the care & maintenance of the horses hoof, he is a wealth of information with years of experience. YourEquineSource.com Go to Blogs "The Foot Doctor"
At 2:09am on July 19, 2009, Courtney.M said…
yea i wish..
well my sister owns mally and i own sparkie and i own sakata but we r leasing him out to a friend.. and Indy is my mums but my mum is going to buy a new horse so i can have indy coz we r retireing sparkie as she has got athristis in her hips.. court xoxo
At 6:16pm on July 2, 2009, Barbara F. said…
Thanks Jackie, when I re-read it I thought I was ranting a bit! I can't tolerate anyone who bullies defenseless animals or people.
At 10:39am on June 28, 2009, Barbara Sky Horse said…
Hello Jackie,
I'm pretty new to Barnmice so haven't even NEAR had the time to get through all the groups and blogs and EVERY THING (this place is like an amazing treasure chest that I just keep looking through, Finding More!!
...but all that's just to say .... after having just read your reply to Ottilie's blog "On Balance" ... I'll be seeking out MORE of what You are adding here in Barnmice!!!
Honestly, I just found your reply extremely solid and useful in content while at the Same Time carrying the Ohhhhh Soooooo Important Positive Message of ... "Never Give Up"
Thank You for your Inspiration!!
~ Barby
At 8:27pm on June 13, 2009, Susan Deakin said…
Hi Jackie, It's been hot and humid off and on here too...but I bet not as bad as your area! I had the pleasure of hauling a new horse to my place today...he's a first-horse purchase for one of my young students. "Oliver" is 1/2 TB and 1/2 Trottingbred....very cute and extremely well trained. It will be lots of fun training the both of them together!

I have found that every horse that I've tried a Dr. Cook's Bitless on just loves it. Students that have previously used regular bitted bridles can't believe the responsiveness that it gives the horse...and it feels just the same in the hands of the rider (remember, we do Centered Riding and Hunters). The new horse came with a Kimberwick which I intend to tell his new owner to put up on her wall in her bedroom as a decoration!

Good luck with your riding!
At 7:53pm on June 12, 2009, Josephine Brouwer said…
Thankyou Jackie he is a very special boy and he is very talented, I am finding it difficult health wise and time and $ to keep him and he would be wonderful for someone with more umph than I have , however if the right home does not come along , my grandaughter will start doing some sidesaddel work with him and see how that goes, he is very smooth so would make a lovely sidesaddle horse, my daughter , myself and my grandaugher all ride sidesaddle, however me not so much anymore!
At 11:01pm on June 11, 2009, Josephine Brouwer said…
Lightness is lightness, and dressage is just a word that means training, and I think that the riders today put way to much emphasis on the word making it something more than what it really is- I also learned to ride in the foreward seat and caprilli was a God when I was young , in fact I remember the Caprilli saddles thatt were very close contact, a novel concept at the time and I also remeber riding in many Prix Caprill competions- I think you will find that I come from a very similar background to yours.
At 8:51pm on June 10, 2009, Josephine Brouwer said…
well Jackie eveyones idea of dressage is diferent , but when you said youcould have a conversation with your 2 fingers, well I don't know about you but THAT'S dressage to me!
At 6:25pm on June 7, 2009, Susan Deakin said…
Hi Jackie, don't encourage showing to my students....in fact, I don't offer my horses up for that purpose! I do, however, have two students who own their own horses who like to do a couple of shows in the summer. We go in the spirit of "doing something different" and not for the ribbons. I want them to love to work with these magnificent animals for the sake of the relationship, and not for glory of winning anything!

I'll bet our styles of riding are not different from each other....I'm looking for what's good and easy for the horse....

Talk to you soon,
At 7:54am on June 7, 2009, Susan Deakin said…
Hi Jackie, we need to spread the word about the different levels of abuse that exist everywhere, from bad fitting saddles, people yanking on bits and punishment to horses that are only reacting to pain...this is all abuse, albeit sometimes subtle. I recently attended a barrel racing competition where it was apparent that most of the riders did not prepare and train their horses properly. The pulling on the bit and whipping with crops to these horses that had no idea how to do the barrels and pole bending the right way was sickening (this case was not so subtle). All of those people thought it was okay to do what they do. So although we live far from each other, it's a good thing...we need representatives all over the world!

Good luck with your riding....
At 2:08pm on June 5, 2009, Susan Deakin said…
Hi Jackie, I have 6 lesson horses, (should be 7 but the Arab decided that she didn't like lessons any more!), and they all have their individual personalities and, like you said, senses of humor! I wouldn't change them for the world! Students who have come to me from various other riding schools are somewhat amazed and appalled at themselves because most of them have no idea how to ride a "real" horse that just doesn't go in circles like a robot. So many riding establishments drive their lesson horses to brain death so they will behave....not us! I will get on a horse if a student is having a particular problem but nine times out of ten, the horse will be perfect for me....that really gets into the student's head! They quickly learn that it is the rider, not the horse who needs work! Then they go about learning to do it right. I love it!

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