Grandma Teddy Update -2.mpg - for Parelli friends!

Just an update for those who remember Grandma Teddy. Mom is in the beginning stages of dementia now, but one thing she does not forget is Pat Parelli. She ...

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Comment by Karen Goreham on September 3, 2010 at 8:56am
A beautiful video!
Comment by Kathy Sadergaski on September 2, 2010 at 3:57pm
Re: Grandma Teddy video......I kind of surprised Mom with this video and posted it on Toutube in hopes some of her Parelli friends would see it and comment. Also, that was a good place to post the only 4 slideshows I have made so kids, grandkids,great-grandkids, nieces, nephews and other relatives who are scattered all across the country could see it. I am surprised at the response to say the least. When Mom first saw it first words out of her mouth were "Oh how I wish Pat & Linda could see this...hand me some kleenex!!"

With each comment she sheds happy tears and I think they really brighten up her day!!

Here is the full post underneath the video...

Just an update for those who remember Grandma Teddy. Mom is in the beginning stages of dementia now, but one thing she does not forget is Pat Parelli. She still talks Parelli to everyone and anyone who is willing to listen. She watches her Parelli videos over & over again. I would give my heart & soul for her to attend one more show with Pat & Linda while she is still able to travel. Thanks Pat & Linda for all the joy you have brought my Mom over many years!!!! To all those who remember her.....and those she has never met...or has yet to meet... please feel free you leave your comments so that Grandma Teddy can enjoy them.

I am going to forward the comments from here to her and will also get her to join!

There is another very brief video of Mom up on YouTube playing not with her horse, but with her great-grandkids motorized toys when she was 80 and 4 moths before her heart surgery!! The original music I had on that one was "Wasn't That a Party" by the Irish Rovers. I had it qued at the part that says" that little bitty drag way down on mainsteet was just to see if the cops could run". But because of copyrite I was not allowed to use it.

If anyone cares to look at that one...just go to YouTube and search ... jaymee1mn ....It might give someond a chuckle for the day! That one was my very first attempt!!
Comment by Kathy Sadergaski on September 2, 2010 at 3:15pm
Oh my gosh, I can't believe my video has been featured. To whomever looks after this thank you so much!! This means so much to me as I am very new to making slideshows. This is only my 4th!!

And to Shirley...thank you for your wonderful comment as well!! Mom ...aka..."Grandma Teddy" as she is fondly know as.. is a great inspiration!! Her horse Bribon is a Paso Fino and a 25 year dream come true for her. She has out lived many horses, but had always wanted a Paso. Bribon is beautiful inside & out and takes really good care of her.

To tell a little story of the bond between them...and I will try and keep it short....Mom, pictured with me had heart surgery when she was 80. We saw her in recovery right after, and considering what she had just been through she looked not too bad. Next morning we went to see her in the step-down unit and we were kind of taken aback. She didn't have good color...things were beeping and she was having a problem breathing. At this point, I must mention that the flooring in the room had diamond shapes on it!! They gave her some mist to help her breathing and once settled, we left, telling her to get some rest and we would be back in the afternoon. When we went back she was sitting up in a chair, some tubes had been removed, and she had color in her face. She proceeded to tell us this story... and I always cry when I tell this even 6 years later!! She told us.."You know, a little while ago I woke up and there was Bribon curled up on that diamond right over there as she pointed. He just laid there and looked at me awhile then he just got up and walked away." I know the spirit of her good buddy Bribon was with her that day....she was going through a little rough patch so he stopped by to help her out. When he saw she was OK...he left. Although my brother teased it was the drugs she was taking....he, my sister, and myself all pretty much felt the same way.

Shirley thank you again for your praise on the video. I put it together but still have lots to learn!!
Comment by Shirley on September 2, 2010 at 12:33pm
I am so glad I ran across your story today. How inspiring it is. I got my fella when I was 53~ six years ago and have found him to be a life altering experience. He was 3 when I got him and is now 9 and we've been thru many changes and learning experiences. What an added joy to life!
In watching your video I was so full of emotion. Whoever did your video did a great job of getting the feeling to come thru. I hope you continue to be able to ride for many many years to come. Apparently Bribon is beautiful inside and out. Your special relationship is heart warming.
Comment by Kathy Sadergaski on September 1, 2010 at 9:07pm
Thanks Helen. My Mom pictured with me is a very inspiring person. She got her Bribon as a 3-year old barely green broke at the age of 69. You are never too old to enjoy for many years to come!!
Comment by Helen Rodrigue on September 1, 2010 at 8:58pm
Very inspirational - thank you for sharing! I sometimes think that because I am almost 50, that I am too old to ride. Not anymore :D

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