This is a part of a series from the film Horses with Problems by Ellen Ofstad. In this clip Ellen works on his trailerloading

The first clip in the series can be seen here:
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Comment by Marlene Thoms on November 29, 2010 at 8:43pm
Haha Ellen, you make it look so easy. I liked especially your comment," I let Tafir back out when he wants to and don't keep him in. You can't make a horse stay in by force anyway he is too strong." So what you are saying is, the horse will go in when he wants to, and stay there as long as he wants. It's so beautiful, the handler has to just let the horse go in, and not prevent him from doing the right thing.
Comment by Becky Haskins on May 7, 2010 at 11:24am
Ellen, I think I wrote more and it was cut off. What I was saying was all of the terrible things that horses have done to me, biting , kicking, bucking me off etc. was because I was being a bully/human (Predator) in their language and they were just reacting to it like a horse (PREY animal). Let me know what you think. Your friend, Becky
Comment by Becky Haskins on May 7, 2010 at 11:13am
HI Ellen, I just watched bits of it again. The main thing that both of you are doing is directing your energy at the poor horses face. The horse reads your core which is the area around your belly button. Lets say you are standing ten feet from the side of your horse.Your horse is perpendicular to you. You have your core pointed at his ribs. You are standing straight towards him. IF you move just your core towards his ribs you are sending energy there. If you move just your core to his hindend, you are sending energy there and he should turn towards you at this point. If you send it to his shoulder he should move his shoulders over. This is what horses do to each other. They move each other by putting their energy in these 3 places. ONLY BULLY HORSES SEND ENERGY TO THE HEAD AND NECK. We must be very careful not to do this. We want our horses to trust and respect us. There are 3 types of energy. Blocking, pushing and drawing energy. For example, if you are standing straight, in front of a horse, without pushing your core towards the horse, you are exhibiting blocking energy. This is OK energy for the head and neck as well as the rest of the horse. Do not stand in his space while you are doing this. His space includes approximately one foot in front of him and a foot to each side of his neck.( I can get more detailed about this area if you want me to) Bear with me. If you draw your core back ( this would be a slight bend at your waist) you are exhibiting drawing energy and the horse should want to come towards you. If you push your core at his face you are using pushing energy which is not good. Watch the ears go back, slight swish of the tail, him looking away etc. Only a bully horse would do that and your horse is only responding to it. Now, you can use pushing, drawing and blocking energy on the body of the horse but ONLY blocking and drawing energy on his neck and head. Now you must know what I was talking about a little bit in your video. He was responding to what was being shown to him. LOTS of pushing into his head and neck. He responds by that wringing tail, ears back and that very dangerous rearend coming around which is a definite threat to the man in the video. The horse was not repremanded for doing that which he should have been, He was also running thru the mans space which he should have been corrected on. ONe more thing, horses read the side of us. If you look down at your pants and see the seam on the outside of your pants, imagine that seam running all the way up the side of you. That is your girth line just lilke the horse has a girth line. Dominant horses will not let lesser horses cross that line. It is a challenge from the lesser horse so since we want to be just a little bit (not alot) more dominant. we don't want our horses crossing that line either. We want to be acting like horses, speaking their language, not trying to teach them ours. Back to the video, the horse did go into the trailer but how did he go in. Head low and relaxed or high headed with the tail swishing. Horses will do just about anything for us but wouldn't you like to see him go in relaxed and low headed. A horse that is relaxed and low headed is getting endorphins sent to his brain thus calming him down. A high headed horse is gettin mega doses of adrenalin and is not going to be calm. Before that trip into the trailer he should have been walked till he was relaxed and head down. To get his head to come down DO NOT pull it straight down, do a figure eight motion under his jaw simulating a horse grazing on grass. BAck and forth, back and forth gently until he comes down. It is a good feeling for them instead of a pull down. Watch for the yawning, the snorting , sighs or he might even create some manure, all signs he's relaxing. I know this is alot but it is something I am completely convinced about. I have been run over, kicked, bucked off numerous times, fallen off and bitten just to name a few of the more painful things. I'v read e
Comment by Ellen Ofstad on May 7, 2010 at 6:23am
When you say "look at your body language" are you referring to mine (the girl) or the owners (the guy)? or both?
Did you see both clips with Tafir? (click the tag Tafir to see both the clips).

I would like to hear more about what you see in those clips and what makes you say that this is a fearful and disrespectful relationship. I am not being defensive or negative; I really would like to know what you think.
Comment by Becky Haskins on May 6, 2010 at 8:33am
I'm really happy this guy didn't get kicked because he was really asking for it. People need to learn that horses do not like you to be in there face.Stay away from it. Work them from the shoulders back. I'm a Chris Irwin deciple. You should really look on line about his methods. They could really help you from being killed. That horse had absolutely NO respect for either handler and vice versa. Look at your body language. Your core energy is what the horse is reading. Please go on-line to Horsemanship Library and look at what Chris is doing. It could create a respectful relationship with your horse instead of this fearful disrespectful one you have now. His ways will help you understand why you are creating this accident waiting to happen. Much hope and love to you and your horse.

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