This video is an historical introduction to modern saddle fitting and the legal rights equestrians have under the United States Uniform Commercial Code 2-315. Warranty for Fitness.
It is the responsibility of the vendor of the saddle to provide a saddle without defects that is "FIT FOR THE USE INTENDED"....or you have the legal right to a refund.

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Comment by mark lewis on February 7, 2010 at 9:41am
Wow! as a saddle maker I'm bewildered about videos like this. Take a few words and a few gagits add in some fancy math words with actors being all amazed and you can sell a new product. I'm not stupid and believe that snake sales men are on every street corner. A true saddle fit begins with the rider. It is 1st very important that you don't get set on a brand name, use a saddler who can see your horse and measure the horse personally. If they make the tree or even send out to a tree maker. It is very important to have the right info. Make that template. But remember. You the rider need to understand. It is a saddle for that horse not any other and it is also made for you as well. As all the old timers taught me. "If the saddle fits the horse but not the rider. It doesn't fit the horse. If the saddle fits the rider but not the horse. It doesn't fit the horse.If the rider or horse change it doesn't fit the horse." I could go on about myths people come up with but the most important thing I could pass on to people is this. There are many different breeds of horses. There are many different types of saddles for different uses. All horses are not made to do all these uses. If you need a saddle for a purpose. Make sure you have the right tool for the job. Would you use a 20 lb sledge hammer to put in a 1" finishing nail???????

I do have to comment on the part with the judge. It was poor. One of them TV shows showing only 1/2 of the truth. If that lady saddle maker was any saddler. she would have said. Here are the templates that the saddle was made from to fit this horse. Do they still fit the horse? Did the horse change size? Was it this horse we made the saddle for and what padding/blanket was used and how was the horse ridden and was the saddle used for the purpose that it was made for..roping,rheining, trail riding and so many factors. I still can't believe there are such stupid people who think that a saddle fits 100% all the time. Hell to get one that fits 90% most of the time is rare. I don't know everything but I do have common sence. If you see it is hurting you or your horse stop using it right away and learn how to fix the problem.Tackle every problem with a KISS. you can see less fog.

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